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I didn’t want a fish. I don’t want a fish. Anything but another fish in this house. How many do we have, thanks to my husband’s hobby?

He has two salt water tanks, two fresh water tanks, and a koi pond outside. So a fish of my own was not what I longed for.

But it was my friend’s big birthday, she loves animals and critters, and I thought a small unobtrusive tank with one colorful Siamese Fighting Fish would be a cheerful addition to her kitchen. Her kitchen decor is overwhelmingly  blue, so I bought a blue one with long, sensual, diaphanous fins. She would love it.

But before I could present her with this sensational and thoughtful gift, she said to me,  “I’m tired of taking care of everything. As of this birthday I don’t want one more thing to take care of.”

Not even a little blue fish,? I think. After making her wishes so clear I can’t possible give her the one thing more she doesn’t want to take care of.

So here I am, stuck with fish-sitting HER fish for a few years. How long do Siamese Fighting Fish live? I wonder.

I call him/her (?)  Sparky and set its little tank in the center of the kitchen counter, surrounded by my white begonias and red kalanchoe. Suddenly my kitchen is quite bright and patriotic: red, white and blue! “OK, Sparky: dinner time!”, I say, as I drop one pellet at a time into the water. Sparky zooms up to the top to fetch his reward. He zeros in, flapping his little fins with joy, as he consumes each pellet.

Every morning I come into the kitchen and put the light on at the top of his tank. “Good morning, Sparks,” I find myself saying. “How are you today?”

He zooms to the top, recognizing a human presence nearby, hoping in his little fish heart that the human has a treat for him. His fins are working overtime. They remind me of a car’s windshield wipers adjusted to run at maximum speed.

It’s almost a year since Sparky’s arrival, and I notice a change in his behavior. Now when I drop a pellet into the tank he wanders around pathetically, trying to find it. “It’s up here, Sparkles,” I say reassuringly. I even tap lightly on the tank cover, trying to help him locate his food. I see him snap at something, only to watch the pellet float down to the bottom of the tank.

Sparky seems to be blind!

I didn’t want a fish, and now I have a handicapped, special needs fish. I feel sad and sorry for such an innocent harmless creature, who cannot even find his pellet of food in a tank the size of a basketball.

But Sparky is part of our family now, and he can expect good care in every way I can give it.

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  1. I like the story. Thanks for recommending me the story, Ronnie.. Looking forward to things like this in future.. 🙂

    Subhan Zein

  2. Thank you so much. It’s comments like yours that make me want to keep writing.


  3. I’ve had my own adventures about Betta and blogged about them 🙂…I love fish, just like your husband, and have 3 aquariums!

  4. I would enjoy catching the comment this friend will make after reading this post! A parallel situation – I steered away from buying a plant for a friend because it would be more work for her. When I delivered fresh cut flowers to her, she had the very plant I decided against – for me! It’s currently shivering outside wondering why it ever thought the florist shop was overcrowded.

  5. knowmefirst0 said:

    You have no idea, how many times I have ended up with a gift that was meant to be for someone else. As for pets I have taken care of my share of them specially when my kids want them and then change their mind about them. Of course here comes mom to take care of them and fall in love with them and then their is mom crying for the pet when something happens to them. Love your blog and your sense of humor.

  6. That is the best weblog for anyone who desires to search out out about this topic. You notice so much its virtually onerous to argue with you (not that I truly would want?HaHa). You positively put a new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Nice stuff, simply nice!

  7. loved your blog 🙂

  8. Jana Karam said:

    Dear Ronnie,
    Love the column and miss you. Come to our Writer’s group! Sparky can have a playdate with our fish aka he who has four names (by one and the same child): Orange Potato-Head, LavaBurst, Normal, and Fireburst. Orange and blue are complementary colors, too.

    Be in touch and thank you for sharing!

  9. mumay said:

    Maybe the fish is bored with the same kind of pellet — a year’s supply of the same kind of chow — will bore a human. Maybe he needs more sunlight. We have some little fish but we put them outdoors in a concrete container where moss and little plants grew and they’re happier than being fed pellets. I am actually browsing for those huge remote control air swimmers shark and clownfishes that look so real. I stumbled upon this blog because of the tag “fish” . I’m glad I did. Nice blog.

  10. This piece tells us a little about Sparky and a lot about you. It’s a wonderful essay, and I agree with Gaye: that’s a lucky fish you have there.

  11. Catherine-G said:

    Hopefully Sparky just needs glasses and you will be able to care for him for many years to come!! Your blogs are always outstanding and a constant source laughter. You have a great talent. I wish you would write a book. Catherine G

  12. What a lucky fish is Sparky to have such a Caregiver. Ronnie, I just love your Blogs but this one takes the cake. How I look forward to reading your lovely twists on life – What a great talent you have – how I enjoy my tears of laughter with each new blog. Keep them coming fast and furiously. Gaye

  13. Anonymous said:

    What a lucky fish is Sparky to have such a Caregiver. Ronnie, I just love your Blogs but this one takes the cake. How I look forward to reading your lovely twists on life – What a great talent you have – how I enjoy my tears of laughter with each new blog. Keep them coming fast and furiously. Gaye

  14. Anonymous said:

    Ronnie – i just love all your Blogs but this one takes the cake. Poor Sparky may just need glasses. You have me in tears of laughter so often. You bring such a unique perspective to so many different subjects. What a great talent you have, what a lucky fish is Sparky! Gaye

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