True stories with a twist!

As a wordpress blogger you probably think of yourself as either a writer, cartoonist or photographer.

BUT did you ever think of your self as a salesperson?

Whether or not you have thought of yourself as a salesperson, you are. Every time you add an example of your work to your blog you are presenting an item for inspection, review and opinion. You’re asking people to “buy” it.

If you want people to notice your blog, add a comment or subscribe, you are selling something. Here are a few ways you can enhance your chances of getting noticed:

Talk about your blog to anyone who will listen. If someone asks what you do, tell them you are a writer. When they ask the inevitable question, “What have you written?” You proudly say, “I write a blog on wordpress called “XYZ and Me,” substituting the name of your blog for the example. “What’s it about?” is usually the next question. The way you frame your answer will be telling. If it’s a cooking blog and you say, “It’s just a blog about cooking,” you’re not making it sound appetizing. But if you say ,”It’s a collection of  recipes from the 19th century French Indochina region that my great grandfather’s niece discovered in her grandmother’s books,” it sounds fascinating.

This is not the time for self-deprecating remarks, like “It’s just something I do in my spare time.”or “I don’t get paid for it,” say, “I started this blog last December, and in only one year I have already gotten 2,500 hits! I’m excited with that kind of response. I guess my writing, (drawing, photography) is attracting attention.”

Have business cards printed. All they have to say is the name of your Add your name, a piece of clip art and you are ready to promote your blog. My clip art is a picture of an old fashioned manual typewriter, under which is and underneath that simply says Ronnie Hammer. Now when you mention your blog pull out a card and give it to the person. You will have a better chance of the person remembering the name of your blog.

Respond to everyone who comments on your blog. This added attention makes the responder to your blog feel good about responding and will be more likely to stop by again. Make your comments compelling. Don’t leave single word comments like: “Cool.” “Awesome.” “Like.” Those words don’t tell anything about what appealed to you in the blog, why you liked it, or how it taught you something. AND those comments don’t say anything about you or your style.  Always realize that your comment  is another way to attract new readers. If you say something funny, clever or insightful other readers reading your comments might check out your blog.

Learn to steer the conversation around to what you like to do, what you do when you’re not at your paying job and what you hope to accomplish.

Another point to make in conversation is the distances your readers come from and their concepts of your messages. “I had a response from a reader in India!”

Always be upbeat and positive. Blogging brings stimulating responses and different opinions. Some writers have mini-soap operas going on. Tell the non-bloggers about these experiences and let them know how much you’ve gained from the interchanges that your blog has produced. Make them want to run home, log onto their computers and access your blog immediately.

Good salesmanship!

Comments on: "SELLING THE STORY" (12)

  1. Ronnie: Thanks for this post. It is excellent and although I was doing most of what you suggested, there were a couple of things I plan to incorporate (business cards and telling people I’m a writer). This was fab! Eleanor

  2. YUP, we are writers! and I never tell anyone that i blog!! not around here anyway, I am terrible at letting people know in the US, tho everyone in NZ that I know knows and lots follow already.. I like the idea of a card though.. c

    • I found a card is just the thing to casually hand someone. What are the chances that he/she will remember the name of your blog? But with a business card it’s right there in print. Give the US readers a chance to read your delightful stories.


  3. Cool. Awesome. Like. (ha ha ) Good reminder that we bloggers shouldn’t “SELL ourselves short!”

  4. Business cards are a good idea!

  5. Anonymous said:

    Good point, Ronnie. I haven’t blogged yet but toy with the idea.

  6. This was really practical, helpful information, Ronnie. I started my blog back in June and I already do most of the things you suggest, but I had come to it by trial and error. I wish there would have been a guide like this to help me know if I was on the right track.

    • Yes, I did the same thing. BUT then I recognized that in my previous professional life as a communications instructor I taught bankers that although they never thought of themselves as salespeople, they were. They were expected to “cross sell:” encourage customers to consider new bank products. Everyone is selling something, even if it is only an image.


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