True stories with a twist!

I was ten and he was eight. I was the big sister and he the little brother until the day I turned forty. From then on, by mutual consent, more mutual on my part than his, he became my big brother.

Back then we acquired a pet hamster whom we shared and cared for. One of us cared and shared more than the other, but that’s not the point of the story.

We named the hamster Sniffy because of the funny way his nose twitched. When his nose twitched his whiskers twitched, making him appear to be sniffing. Or having a bad case of St.Vitus Dance.

Sniffy lived in a luxurious cage by hamster standards consisting of a spa quality running wheel and gourmet food and water dishes. The cage had full time security in the form of a lock and key. Hamster ownership was a serious responsibility not to be fooled around with. We chose a hiding spot for the key, and promised never to allow Sniffy to roam free without supervision.

We, of course, were the supervisors, the jailers and the feeding and cleaning staff. We alternated tasks and vowed to do our jobs diligently, regularly and timely.

So sincere were we about our service to Sniffy that we drew up a contract. “We the undersigned to solemnly agree to keep the location of the key to Sniffy’s cage secret from plundering eyes and other destructive forces. If either of us reveal the location of the key we would forfeit our share of Sniffy.

All precautions considered, somehow one day we discovered the horrifying fact that our hamster had escaped from his barred apartment. How did this happen? How did he get out of the cage? Whose carelessness allowed this mysterious event to occur? Where was Sniffy now, and how will we ever find him?


Our fearless sibling team put together a plan based on the Hansel and Gretel story of our youth. Even though at ages eight and ten, we thought of ourselves as grown up.

We set a trail of bread crumbs leading back to his cage. No matter where in the house he is hiding one sniff of the crumbs will roust Sniffy onto the trail and lead him right back to his cage.

But we didn’t take Tippy into consideration. She was our six year old dog who was usually asleep: was never a threat or particular interest to anybody or thing.

But somehow the presence of breadcrumbs on the floor challenged something in her hunting dog ancestral background and she lapped every one from the floor.

So poor Tippy got tied up in her own home (the indignity of it all!) while we set the breadcrumb trap again. It proved to us that only dogs, not hamsters, greedily eat bread crumbs from the floor. Tippy was freed when no hamsters near of far showed a crumb of interest in crumbs.

The mystery was never solved, but some interesting theories evolved.

  1. Perhaps Sniffy found a home in a mouse hole, developed a love of cheese, and lived happily ever after with mouse friends.
  2. Maybe Sniffy squeezed under the door and made her way outside and to the bright lights of Broadway, where she became star of the Hamster Circus.
  3. She became the pet of a wealthy old codger, who plied her evermore with riches beyond a hamster’s wildest dreams.
  4. Perhaps she died.


  1. Ohhh, the missing rodents in our log cabin over the years! And sometimes the encroaching ones … We once lost a pet snake, and never did discover where it went.
    Sweet story, Ronnie!

  2. Great post. And the theories are really interesting.

  3. jakesprinter said:

    Great story you have here again my friend 🙂

  4. Great story and post.. she is on a farm having a brilliant time 🙂

  5. Blood-Ink-Diary said:

    Wow! So many theories !! I have no idea where to theorise mine!! Lol. Great post, my friend. Cheers.

  6. I kidnapped her and she lived with me for the next 52 years sleeping on a velvet cushion and eating cake crumbs .. she also had a mini television, hamster sized! Sorry! c

  7. After all the guessing, the truth about you know what comes out. I promise never to mention it again. As to your hamster, I suggest you look to your brother and his best friend. His best friend instigated some shenanigans that your brother had to go along with. I know, I had a sister two years older than me, too. I know what peer pressure can do! The hamster was part of some experiment that went terribly wrong. Sorry, but I know it to be true. HF

  8. Hello! Thank for your visit and comment. Have a wonderful week!

  9. I hope your story had a happy ending. My friend lost a snake in her house. She sprinkled baby powder along the walls so she could observe its tracks. Her tactic was clever and “fresh”, but sadly she never found her snake.

  10. Rhoda, who knew! Loved the story . Touched the heart and funny bone. Seems like everyone has a hamster story locked in their childhood. Try this one. All is quiet , dark as the family sleeps. Out of the peace comes a repeated loud thumping sound. Family awakes, including two anxious night-gowned little girls. After investigation it was determined that the pet hamster escaped in her exercise ball. Of course, since she had no sense of direction, she tumbled down two flights of stairs, excelerating on her journey. Now the tears, the fears….who will go down and check. We still hear rolling in the dark. Brave grandma volunteeers and goes down unarmed. There’s the precious pet , enjoying the well earned freedom. I think there is a lesson here, we all have to take some lumps before we can roam free. Thanks for the lovely story. mimi

  11. …or found a couple of children to keep as pets in a cage, and carefully hid the key…..

  12. I vote for the lights of Broadway, too…and the hamster circus. And who knows, maybe after a couple of years of practice Sniffy moved up to the Cirque de Soleil and is now a trapeze artist!
    Sorry for your loss of Sniffy, but I loved your story.

  13. I like to think that somewhere Sniffy is performing in a Hamster Circus, perhaps walking a tiny tightrope in an adorable pink tutu! What a cute story Ronnie, Enjoyed!

  14. When I was about 10, I bought a bat (this was before anyone began getting panicky about rabies) for a nickle a stick of gum. I put it in a cigar box with an opening so it could breathe. Mom insisted it be kept in the detached garage. The next morning the box remained on a ledge and the bat was gone. I always suspected my Dad released him. Now, I wonder if he met up with Sniffy and they ran off to the circus together. (Sorry about your loss. Great story, though.)

  15. What a sad and sweet story. I’d like to think that Sniffy ran off and joined the Hamster Circus.

    Friends of mine in college kept a hamster in their dorm room. Just like Squiffy, that hamster made a break for it. Everyone searched the dorm for him, but we called off the search and went to bed at daybreak. When we woke up later that day someone had put tiny, hamster sized signs on the bottoms of many of the dorm room doors. The sign was directed to the hamster and asked him to come back home. Alas, he ran off to join the Hamster Circus, too.

  16. Hi,
    You must of been devastated at the time, nothing worse than loosing a pet, we just love them so much.
    I think what actually happened was definitely number 3 that is the only plausible explanation.

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