True stories with a twist!

What’s the big deal about a hummingbird showing up in the back yard? Why does everyone get so excited about seeing one of those little pipsqueek birds?

They’re no prettier than I am, says the bumble bee. I have wings and land on flowers too. Hummingbirds don’t even make music, while I produce a charming buzzing sound as I make my rounds.

They think they’re so smart, ‘whishing’ around the garden at breakneck speed. I might not be as fast, but, what’s the cotton picking hurry? I believe we should all slow down and smell the roses. It’s not as if we’re teenagers racing our hot rods, is it?

And talk about looks; my colors are far more striking than theirs. My black and yellow stripes are dramatic and eye catching; what’s so special about the blah, drab green they wear?

And they stop mid-air. How would you like to ride on an airplane that zoomed along and then came to a sudden stop? Would you think it was so wonderful?

Graceful? Do you really think they’re so graceful, with their jerky movements, dashing in staccato time from one spot to another? I plop down on a flower and stay for a while, appreciating the experience before moving ahead to the next one.

So, these are some of the reasons I think Hummingbirds are overrated. Please vote for me as your Favorite Garden Creature in the coming election, and let those silly birds fly somewhere else!


  1. I do think Bumble Bee should be a write in option for the upcoming ballot.

  2. Yayyyy, for the Bumble-bee! Two thumbs up.. 😀

    And, Ronnie, I’ve awarded you with the One Lovely Blog Award.. 🙂

    • Mal, Thank You very much for awarding me the Lovely Blog Award. I really appreciate your frequent comments on my blog, and am greatly honored that you selected me as one of the recipients of this award.

  3. I’m a huge fan of bumbling and honey bees! Our garden is humming with them…I’ve long fantasized about asking them to make honey on premises, but (like you say) they never stop long enough to ask. Fun post!

  4. Good morning ronnie, I love bumble bees because there is NO WAY their little fat bodies should even be airborne. Science tells that they should be like the kiwi and walk about, but not at night and then how could they reach their flowers.. poo wee bee.. c

    • Yes, you’re right. I almost wrote to you, my bee expert, to ask whether bumble bees make honey, and whether they sting human types. But, rather than bother you, I asked Google, which told me their jaws are not strong enough to bite through the skin, and they make only a small amount of honey.

  5. My wife and I were watching a bee just yesterday! It was hovering over some flowers, gliding forward and backward from one to the next. Amazing. I like hummingbirds, too, but they disappear so quickly, I’m never really sure I even saw it.

  6. I’ll definitely vote for the bumble bee as we do not have humming birds in this side of the world. 🙂 We have hornets and wasps, but I’m no fan of those.

  7. I do love hummingbirds. Tried unsuccessfully to attract some when we lived in New York. Ronnie, you’re right. The bee is no second banana. His reputation for being “busy as a bee” and for providing honey certainly make him an equal in this competition.

    Love the photos, too.

  8. Haha – that’ an easy call, for we do not have hummingbirds in Hawaii! Though I do miss them (except the Rufous, which takes over any feeder you may put out for others). We have the most ginormous bumblebees, as well! Big and black and also totally blond! Strange, those ones …

  9. Beautiful photos Ronnie!

  10. Great photos!

  11. Lee Honecker said:

    Good job Ronnie. My garden favorite is the dragonfly, they make noise when they move and they are beautiful. Hope you are well.

  12. I grew up admiring humming birds in my CA backyard, and now I enjoy watching bumble bees buzz about my garden. Can I vote for both?

  13. Bumble bees certainly have my vote. Our garden is full of lavender, honeysuckle and jasmine which the bees love and we love watching and listening them do their stuff.

  14. Jerry Warshaw said:

    Do they make librium for bees?

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