True stories with a twist!

Itching, scratching, poking. That’s what I feel every time I put on my new blue cotton v-neck sweater.

Why does this happen? I can’t be allergic to cotton. I know I’m not allergic to v-necks. I’m positive I’m not allergic to blue; it’s my favorite color. I’m sure I’ve missed the poison ivy of summer, haven’t backed into any mosquito nests, and couldn’t find poison sumac if I searched for it. Yet every time I put the sweater over my head it feels as if there are pieces of barbed wire sticking between my shoulder blades.

Maybe I could block the irritating spot. Tape: scotch tape. If I put a piece of tape over the troublesome area all will be well. No: not on me, on the sweater. I need to do some investigating. I know I am not imagining this feeling. It is real, it is constant, and I am still itching. So what IS the cause of the itch? Taking a closer look at the inside of the sweater I discover the cause of the problem.

A thread. A simple little thread. Not a cotton thread, like the ones that hold the sweater together, but a nylon thread that attaches the label to the sweater. An abusive, irritating nylon thread. It feels more like a fishing line with the hook left in, but even without the hook the rough, scratchy part is obvious to the touch. Who would ever suspect anything as innocuous as a little piece of thread?  I dissect the label out of the sweater, pull out the offensive culprit and start loving the look and feel of my soft, comfortable new blue sweater.

Comments on: "ITCHY, SCRATCHY BACK" (26)

  1. I have a sweater that’s itchy too. Time to check the thread used for its label. 🙂

    Great detective work. Enjoy your blue sweater!

  2. I have a sweater like that too…but I don’t think a nylon thread is the culprit (darn it). I just think it’s itchy. Ick. Enjoy your comfy sweater now. You deserve it after doing that detective work.

  3. Mystery solved. Glad your sweater is less itchy. Now, if the heat and humidity would let up a bit, you could wear it.

  4. Yupyupyup – I am an absolute fiend about removing tags from all of my garments! I totally hate that feeling of being scratched repeatedly in that one spot between the ‘blades. Ugh!

  5. I hate those little plastic things! Good post, could “see” the entire thing. Enjoy your blue sweater!

  6. I feel your pain! I am sensitive to threads/tags on sweaters so I always remove the tags that irritate the back of my neck. Trouble is, then sometimes I can’t tell the front of the sweater from the back! (Until someone recently told me that washing instructions are always sewn into the left side seam of the sweater. Hopefully that tag doesn’t irritate too).

  7. I can relate to your irritation over bothersome tags, threads, etc. on clothes. Do they ever try these things on humans before they ship them off to the stores? Good detective work. Now, enjoy your beautiful, new clothes. 🙂

  8. Damn labels… I’m allergic to them… not that it affects me literally… but when I see one I break out in temper… been scratched too many times…

  9. I was going to say, Century 21 strikes again, but I know better

    • Are you suggesting that iIt serves me right for shopping at a discount store? That’s a strange comment from a husband. I will assume it means that you prefer that I buy all my clothes at full retail prices.

  10. jakesprinter said:

    Maybe the dust mites cause a lot we never see them by our naked eyes 🙂

  11. Right away I figured it might have something to do with the stupid label..can’t tell you how many times I’ve had similar issues…sensitive skin in the first place and then a stupid label and the way it’s sewn onto the sweater or jacket or even pants in the second place isn’t a good combination. So glad you discovered the problem and the fix! By the way, I love that blue sweater you pictured…not sure if it really is the one or not, but cute.

    • Thanks, Sylvia. That IS a cute sweater, but not even close to the one I bought. This one comes courtesy of Google Images.

      I recently had this same problem with a garment more personal than sweater. When I went back to the lingerie shop the saleswoman discovered the nylon thread debacle.

  12. Gail Fishman Gerwin said:

    As my father would say every time I showed him something new on me, “Wear it in good health.”

  13. It’s like the pea and the princess all over again. 😉

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