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images-2 Now just a minute; where is it written? Who says so?

Let’s discuss wedding vows.  There once was a vow to  “Love, Honor and Obey.” That word ‘Obey” seemed to apply exclusively to women, who were supposed to be doing all the obeying. Women gave that idea negative reviews although men seemed quite happy about it. That word was eventually struck from the vows. Nobody I know in the 20th or 21st century any longer agrees to “Obey.”

What else do people promise to do in order to become legally married?

Do wedding vows demand that women host Super Bowl Parties,      Unknown-3or invite loud groups of rowdy beer swilling men to gorge themselves on football food, scream and suggest various plays to players? Or shout their opinions of players’ performances to the TV screen?

Where in the marriage contract does the word “cook” arise? Does anyone ever promise to cook three meals a day for 65 years?        images-6Does anyone ever agree to prepare separate meals for family members preferring an alternate menu from the one set before them?

I don’t think so.

What other suggestions do you have for modernizing today’s wedding vows?

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  1. I love your style and your sense of humor! I am glad I found you.

  2. I always tell Oregano that the Hebrew part of our ketubah (which neither of us can read), clearly states that all vermin and insect removal is his responsibility. If I have to cook and do laundry, he’s in charge of carcasses.

  3. On a more serious note for me, women have been the most repressed and subjugated group of humans to roam this planet. And in large parts of the world, they still are. Another example of the physically strong taking advantage of physically weaker people. I’m not so sure the whole concept of marriage is not outdated. My wife and I are together and will be until we die because of love and mutual respect and admiration not because some piece of paper or phony baloney vows that were said. Women should never give up the fight until they have total equality with every man in every part of the world. Nuff said. HF

  4. Good post. Makes you wonder about the history of feminine suppression and inequity but then that’s just me and what I’ve been studying lately. Thanks.

  5. My husband and I were married by the most thoughtful, wonderful woman who suggested we write our own vows. What needed to be said about being joined legally was said. The rest were our own words which were so meaningful to us – still are.

  6. We struck the “obey”, and the give away part, though my dad walked me down the aisle. I’d promise to cook for a lifetime though–no hesitation 😉

    • Cooking is a wonderful activity that I enjoy a lot. The problem is that we don’t like the same kinds of food. I’m more of a hearty soup, salad person and my husband loves all the worst healthy foods like sausages, hot dogs and fried stuff. If I ever served those foods to him I would feel as if I were committing murder.

  7. Hello, Ronnie. I have nominated you for another readership award. If you’d like to pick it up, here is the link:


  8. To keep peace and harmony in our marriage, I vow to watch the Superbowl Game with my hubby (but only for the commercials).
    Dave said he learned from a former boss that there are only 2 rules to marriage: (1) the wife is always right; and, (2) See rule #1.
    You have to love that. 🙂

  9. fransiweinstein said:

    I think men should promise tobdo the laundry.

  10. A touchy subject you raise here… but I must say I enjoyed the comment s as well… I think the perfect vows in today’s world is simply “To love, honour, share, support and comfort” and for the ladies to agree to always lift the toilet seat when they are finished…

    • Or perhaps you men should promise to always put the lid down again.
      BUT aren’t we lucky to have such minor bits with which to disagree?

      • Lid up Lid down… must be the most argued point in every house hold… but as you say so minor a point… a friend of mine when he built his house had two built in next to each other… a his and hers… now he says he can’t get out of the habit of putting his seat back down… just goes to show…

  11. Thanks for brightening up my day, really enjoyed this. I guess agree your own vows before taking THAT vow.

  12. I struck off “obey” from my vows! I like the notion of writing your own vows, but fear they may be too romantically lovey dovey, not enough substance. Ah well, we oldies didn’t do too badly 😉
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  13. “…to touch the cooking pot.”

  14. My would-be partner says African men should learn from some of their counterparts in the west. I mean those who join their wives in the kitchen from time to time. Here it is not in a man’s dictionary to the cooking pot.

  15. I recently saw a great set of vows in “Jane Vows Vengance” that talked about supporting each other and sharing their hops and dreams. Forget ‘obey,’ I want the daily adventure.

  16. Thou shall not snore!

  17. Wedding vows indeed! 🙂
    The list of unbudgeted vows are endless.
    Your creative mind keeps fishing out ways of putting a smile on faces.
    You’ve just converted some seemingly huge issues in homes into a light relief.
    Marriage really needs understanding to excel.
    Understanding is superior to obedience, because it will inspire obedience! 🙂

  18. The one that says the woman will be the only one who sees something lying on the floor in need of being picked up. 😉

  19. Oh awesome, i only cook half the time actually! John does the rest. i just don’t need to eat that often! I’m a bad wifey! I once heard a joke that women dressed in white on their wedding day to match the whiteware! That joke must come from the days when fridges and stoves were ONLY white! Not y mothers time either .. she had an orange stove! love love.. c

  20. Lisa Honecker said:

    In the Greek Orthodox Wedding Ceremony, the woman still promises to “obey”. Only the woman. Nothing like 4th Century laws intruding on 21st century thinking.


  21. A good friend of ours used to say: ” I never promised to love, honor and redecorate.”
    I’m with that. No painting or wallpapering for me.

  22. That shalt be considerate of each other and not cause their spouse’s blood pressure to rise.

  23. “I promise to devote at least one hour every day to talking and listening to my spouse — with television, radio, computer, iPad, iPod, and cell phone all turned off.”

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