True stories with a twist!

images-2There really is such a thing. Here’s what happened this morning to prove it.

We were having breakfast, when I mentioned to my husband that Dr. Oz said on yesterday’s show that Cinnamon is a very beneficial spice to add to food. About half a teaspoon a day will … and there my mind goes blank, because it doesn’t matter whether it strengthens your liver, heart or lungs, or whether it lowers bad cholesterol or raises good cholesterol, it does lots of wonderful things for your health.

I asked him if he would like to try some in his coffee this morning. He said, “Sure,” and redirected his attention to the daily dose of dreadful news in the morning paper.

Finally, feeling up to date on major issues he left the kitchen to continue the real day in real time. As an aside he said, “By the way, I liked the Cinnamon in the coffee this morning.”

How nice of him to remember to thank me.


The only problem was that although he remembered to thank me for adding a measure of good health to breakfast, I had completely forgotten to add the Cinnamon!

Comments on: "THE POWER OF SUGGESTION" (38)

  1. This is funny.I heard apparently 45 % of doctors prescibe placebos to patients. It is all in the mind……. If you believe in something it can work wonders. I shall buy some cinnamon and try it out actually it sounds good. 🙂

  2. This is too funny and true too! My sister told me of a friend who when she received her copy of a medical test saw a mark on one of the results. Worried, she went online to check what it meant and within a couple of days she had the symptoms of that particular deficiency. She called her doctor’s office to explain the issue but was told that her tests were fine. The ‘result’ she saw was just some sort of mark in the paper. Needless to say her ‘symptoms’ quickly disappeared! In the end she had a good laugh on how she had been totally taken by the power of suggestion 🙂

    • How funny! That remind me of young doctors studying symptoms of diseases who think they have every disease they study about. The mind can trick us into believing all sorts of improbable situations.

      I’m glad your sister’s “illness” was so easy to cure!

  3. Great story. YOu could have also stumbled on something else – working out whether there is a placebo effect of Cinnamon! 🙂

  4. I just nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, because I enjoy your posts. For details, click on this link:

    • Ann, I am so flattered and pleased that you enjoy my writing enough to nominate me for the Liebster award. However, since I have already received this award, I would appreciate your offering it to someone who has not yet had an opportunity to receive it. Then we will all be happy and pleased and proud.

  5. Take the credit and run. I’m sure there is something he didn’t thank you for at some point in your marriage. Consider this a credit towards that.

  6. They are really nice with coffee ! Also I mix Cinnamon powder with suger and perfect for toast with butter , also honey ! 😃❤

  7. That is funny.

  8. Ronnie, you have a very thoughtful husband. I was elated to discover that my favorite spice – cinnamon – had such healthy properties. I add so much to my applesauce that it looks brown. I also love it on oatmeal.

  9. LOL! Hilarious! Since neither one of you knew the difference, just think of all the hidden health benefits. 🙂 🙂

  10. Nice redirection!

  11. I know that feeling in the morning – the mind is somewhere else, but trying to keep everything running smoothly. You could have said “Does the hatchet sticking out of your head hurt much ?” and you’d still have got the cinnamon reply.

  12. What a wonderful couple you are!
    By the way, I have used cinnamon for years on my steel cut oats and other things though have not tried it in coffee. Not sure if it is doing any good or not but I am sure it beats sugar for calories.

  13. lisa honecker said:

    Oh my great story. However to make it stronger even if you have do some creative writing, create two more paragraphs with your suggestions, using yourself as the suggestor or other people then you have a full story.

  14. mysending said:

    Now that’s one powerful placebo!

  15. Why not? Sounds like good advice. And sweet story too.

  16. Tooo funny! 🙂

  17. The power of suggestion is indeed a powerful thing. It works on us as well as others. That saying comes to mind:” We are what we think about all day long”. Always enjoy hearing natural health tips. Quite often I have cinnamon and sugar on my toast in the morning as it is a very healthy spice. Now, think about what you really want in life – all day! It really does work.

  18. Maybe it will help with memory.!!!.. ???.. it sure help Hubby, (even though he had none) it improved his taste buds…

  19. Gail Fishman Gerwin said:

    Badia cinnamon sticks, A&P, put into the coffee grounds every morning prior to perking.

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