True stories with a twist!


“No, No; I won’t do it.”          Unknown-4

“Come on; just start.”

“NO. The sun is finally shining, the buds are bursting, the birds are singing. I’m going out.”

“But people want to read your stories. You make them smile. Don’t let them down.”

“I have spring fever. I want to go outside without putting on all the layers: the scarf, the gloves, the heavy jacket.”

“Just sit down for a little while. Turn on the computer. Start typing.”

“But that’s what I did all winter when it was too cold to go outside. My brain is calling for a break. Yes: I need a brain break.”

“Write about your vacation.”

“Nobody wants to hear about someone else’s vacation. That is so boring.

“Write about all those weddings you saw on the beach.”

“What a cliche; weddings on the beach. I’m going out right now and enjoying this beautiful weather before Mother Nature changes her mind.”

So I shut the computer, push the chair back under the desk, leave the many messy memos all over the desk as they may be, and get going.Unknown-5

Sunscreen, cell phone and pedometer in place, fearless writer ventures outside ready to embark on a healthy, invigorating power walk. Ah, the freedom from pressure; the joy of moving, the healthy feeling of expanding the cardiac rate.

The mind is free. The mind is so free that it wanders. The mind thinks of a new story. This new story cannot wait to be written. Enough cardio strengthening, enough muscle toning, writer happily skips back home to the writing room and starts typing the newest idea, sashaying and shaping it into a story.

Working the words, foraging for form, taming the tone: This is refreshing, rewarding, renewing. This is what a writer must do.

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  1. It does seem that many of our ideas for writing come to us when we’re not trying. I guess it’s that relaxed state of “no pressure”. Or maybe Miss Muse is just jealous for attention. You might be interested in this one.

  2. Exactly. Even a short break form blogging will enable you to make a great new post.

  3. The writer’s mind cannot be tamed. You’ve obviously made peace with that.

    • I am still fighting windmills sometimes, but reality always wins out. You are right: I should accept that fact. I never used to understand my niece, who is a composer. We’d be doing something, when she had to run somewhere to write down a piece of music she heard in her mind. Ah, the creative process!

  4. Beautiful, Ronnie. I share your desire to get out, get recharged … and, get back into the chair and write a satisfying yarn. Keep up the great work.

  5. Lisa Honecker said:

    Ronnie, you are actually writing prose/poetry (combination) in this story. It is very lyrical.

    Extra good job!

  6. OH How I long to go outside without all those bloody layers! AGREED! However to get my walk I must put all my layers back on, it is snowing out there! c

  7. This really is what a writer must do!
    Creative piece. Sometimes, our basic daily operations can inspire something new and interesting.
    Lovely post! 🙂

  8. I had to make the same decision. I’ve been in the garden causing mayhem with a pair of secateurs. Let’s hope things flourish. I’ve just come in to the computer after a day outside and I’m invigorated. Way to go.

  9. nothing like a good brisk walk to wake the inspirational side of the brain…

  10. Amen sista! 🙂

  11. Just loved reading your story. I can just see you going through all the motions. Great mental visuals. Not sure how to describe the piece other than, it felt very real.

  12. Writing is definitely hard work.

  13. You have definitely caught the fever – and I don’t mean spring fever. It’s our blogger’s need to make a story out of just about anything! And the fun of it is in the thinking and then in the translating to words, and then “wrestling with the words, foraging for form, taming the tone.” A great post!

  14. Fresh air and exercise are great ways to clear the head and find inspiration! Happy Spring!

  15. It is amazing that a writer’s mind is constantly grasping a story wherever it happens to roam. We’re just lucky, I guess!

  16. So glad that you managed to combine both of your passions! Writing leading to needing to go for a walk leading to needing to write…perfect. And just so you know–I’d love to see pictures of beach weddings! LOL

    • Sylvia, I’d love to show you those pictures. But we had to stand at a respectable distance from the ceremony, and as much as I love my phone camera it does not have a zoom lens. Therefore I can show you a blur of white and suggest that you imagine a bride. I was always told that seeing a bride is good luck, so I will share that with you.

  17. Always do what makes you happy… nature wins every time with me…. 🙂 so in the summer months you will not see me as much in blogland.. 🙂 have a great weekend Ronnie.. xox

  18. LOL…I know how you feel

  19. You can maybe take your computer outside and write…lol

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