True stories with a twist!

images-7It is a very wet and cold beginning to Memorial Day weekend. “Grouchy” is the prevailing mood around here. So when I drove into town today and parked my car I noticed that a police car was parked a couple of cars in back of mine.

Even though I knew better, it was raining, I was uncomfortably cold, and had an errand to do across the street. Looking both ways, being certain that no cars were approaching from either direction, I crossed in the middle of the street rather than walking to the corner and crossing at the light. This ‘crime” of jay walking is punishable by a ticket in Morristown.images-6Unknown

Oh No; and I saw that police car; why did I cross right in the middle of the street? Sure enough I heard it: the sound of a car door opening and slamming shut. OK, dummy, I told myself; here comes your well deserved jay walking ticket. 

As I partially turned my head to see where the door sound came from I saw the police officer get out of his car. Then I saw him step off the curb, into the street and cross in the middle of the road, as I had done. He’s coming after me; he’s going to write out the ticket and hand it to me right now.

Then I saw it. Under his arm he carried a bundle of shirts. He was on his way to the cleaner, breaking the same jay walking law as I did.

Comments on: "IN THE EYES OF THE LAW" (30)

  1. Ronnie, I breathed a sigh of relief along with you. Whew! Now, next time – don’t do it. You lucked out.

  2. This is hilarious! All that worrying for nothing 🙂

  3. fransiweinstein said:

    Now that’s what I call sweet! You should have taken a picture. Save it for the next time you get a ticket. I’m a serial jaywalker, btw.

  4. one of those good days when you dont get caught 🙂

  5. There is the law, yes. And then there is common sense! Glad your police officer had the latter in mind. 🙂

  6. I believe in law and order, and generally obey even those pesky traffic laws a lot of people like to ignore (Like the numbers posted on those big white signs). But that being said, I still don’t get the big deal about jaywalking. Luckily, it’s not particularly enforced where I live, and I’ve never been stopped or ticketed for it. If jaywalking cops really wanted to do a good business, they should hang out on college campuses where our future leaders fully believe they have the right to walk out in the street whenever and wherever they so please…

  7. “… the sound of a car door opening and slamming shut… I saw the police officer get out of his car. Then I saw him step off the curb, into the street…”

    You did a great job of building suspense, Ronnie. But if he had wanted to give you a ticket, would you be required to show ID? What if you said you lost your wallet? Then you could give him a fake name, preferably that of someone you didn’t like. That’s what I’d do.

  8. Glad you got away with the “crime.” Maybe next time you should rob a bank. 😉

  9. Seems there is always one law for one and an other law for others. Hope you have a sunnier Sunday :). Sue

  10. He probably said “if she can do it so can I”.. you didn’t realise how important you are in Morristown… love it..

  11. I never realised that “jay walking” was a crime/misdemeanour in the US. If that was the case in London, the police would have a full time job just dealing with that:)

  12. He saw you and figured it must be ok! Right? Funny, I did get a jaywalking ticked in Indianapolis when I was 18 and headed for Air Force Basic Training. I laughed all the way to the plane. He: “you’re supposed to cross at a corner”. Me: but officer, there aren’t any corners on the circle”. He: don’t get smart with me, punk”. Recruiter: “officer, in four hours he’ll be in Texas. Are you really serious about this”? He: …stuffed the ticket in my shirt pocket and stomped off. It got even more hilarious when the recruiter tried to pay the ticket and they wouldn’t accept payment because it was made out to me. …and it went on for another 2 weeks before a judge threw the ticket out ! Have a great holiday!

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