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images-1Community: a word I always thought meant neighborhood. But I have discovered that community consists of any group of people brought together by a common interest or need.  It doesn’t matter what neighborhood, town or or state they live in. Now that technology connects us we don’t even have to live in the same country. Communities take on all interests and concerns:

Rock Star wannabees, Tse Tse Fly survivors and Save The Polka Dot Bikini supporters are communities. Any service committee.

Sports fans, birders and historians have their own groups. Farmers, teachers and photographers. And artists. And cooks. Each has a group and I’ll bet that each of their groups has stereotypical “types.”

At least it’s ben true of every group I have ever been part of. Think of the groups in your lives: book clubs, exercise classes, religious groups. Consider who fits into these categories. First impressions are always interesting, especially if you compare them to what you discover later on..

Does each group have:

1) The Complainer


2) The Optimist

3) The Pessimist

4) The Idea Initiator

5) The Drama Queen or King

6) The Comic

7) The Bossy One

There’re everywhere and they’re universal.

Every group I’ve joined has had it’s share of a token person representing each group.

I am forever searching for an interest group that does not have a complainer or a bossy one. And come to think of it, please remove the pessimist too. And as much as I like optimists, if it’s a Pollyanna I run the other way; too much sunshine is more than I can manage. The comic can be fun, but people who endlessly quip can get on my nerves. That leaves the Drama king or queen and the Idea Initiator.

As I see it Drama Kings and Queens don’t know when to stop.

And I am already the Idea Initiator.

Come to think of it, I don’t want, like or accept committees. I’ll just handle the job myself.

Comments on: "COMMUNITIES" (10)

  1. Have to admit that I enjoy most working by myself. But think there is a part of us that needs the social connection with others, so sometimes I TRY to work with a group. What I notice most is that everyone seems a little strange…except me, of course and sometimes I’m not sure about that.

  2. Groucho Marx had the right attitude about groups: “I wouldn’t join a group that would have me as a member.” That one always made me chuckle … and, then, pause … hmmm!

  3. Hello! I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award ..

  4. Anonymous said:

    I think Ronnie your searching will be a while in finding such a group without some of those traits ..
    I have sat upon Committee’s of various sorts and there are always those who want to control and go on create power-struggles within, never satisfied with working together…
    Hence I came off them..

    But I live in hope that one day we can learn to live in harmony together within a community that pulls together as one.. and live up to its name-sake..
    for the ‘Common-Good- in- Unity!..
    Wishing you well.. and loved how you presented this topic Ronnie..

    Love and Gratitude…..
    Sue xxx

  5. Now there’s an idea! I see how you got your role! 🙂

  6. No one has ever asked me to be on a committee, which has spared me problem of refusing politely or otherwise. Luckily, I do not possess any level of gravitas, so I’m not considered suitable.

  7. I wanted to say when you find a group without all those let me know I’ll join… but I think your barking up a tree that has no top… and then you ended with my exact feelings… do it yourself…

  8. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Spare me the torture of committees. I can’t even tolerate attending meetings at work. Just let me be in my cubicle toiling away like the sweaty little elf I am.

  9. As the resigning president of a homeowners association, I can Identify with your post, Ronnie. There were multitudinous complainers, a flock of drama queen/kings, a gaggle of pessimists, a blessing of optomists (who did nothing but talk), and a bushel of comics who thought they were funny…., and a minute minority of idea initiators whom all the others despised because they were too logical and made good sense that none of them understood.
    Loved this post !!!

  10. This is good. Reminds me of the groups I used to take overseas. There was always a Late One too, who never made it to the bus on time and had everyone else fuming. And no trip would ever be complete without The Complainer. They were matched though by The Happy One(s) who composed the majority of these temporary traveling communities.

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