True stories with a twist!

IMG_0779   I couldn’t believe my eyes. This afternoon, as I was relaxing in my back yard I glanced up and there they were. Look carefully and you will see them too; they’re so beautifully camouflaged that it’s hard to make them out. Can you see the purple bush in the background on the right side of the photo? A little to the left of that purple flower and a tiny bit upward you can see what I saw. Two tiny green finches sitting on the tomato plant stem.

Wow; a rare sighting. we said to each other. Where did they come from? Could they have escaped from a neighbor’s home cage? Have they migrated here from a foreign rain forest where they were never before seen by humans? Neither of us had ever heard of  green finches. You can barely make out their shape. I had to get this picture or nobody would believe me.

So I tried to move nearer without scaring them away. I wanted to get a closer shot.

Is this any clearer? Can you see those little green birds on the tomato  branch?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         They’re sitting on the right stem.  This was intoxicating! So far I had gotten two photographs of them and they were not skittish; I had not frightened them away.       I zoomed in so close that I saw that what looked like a purple bush were blooms from a hosta.     And they weren’t purple; they were white.  I’ll try a really close shot this time.

So I did. As I got closer I discovered that Mother Nature  had played her little joke on me.

There were no green finches sitting on a tomato bush. All  there was were two tomato leaves sticking straight up in the air, looking all the world like birds: instead of leaves.

How disappointing! Sorry for playing this joke on you, but I had to share

this funny mis-sighting!IMG_0778

Comments on: "RARE BIRDIES ON A BRANCH" (45)

  1. I was convinced!

  2. JackieP said:

    Well at first I thought I did see birds! Then I zoomed in and couldn’t find them, thought I was going nuts or blind. haha! Good one. My eyes are always playing tricks on me. Or I’m always seeing things that aren’t really there. Either way it makes for interesting viewing.

  3. Anonymous said:

    I couldn’t see your rare birds Ronnie but was very impressed with your tomato plant. A Master Gardner you most certainly are. Gaye

  4. Next time when you spot a rare Javan Rhino in your yard, I’m not falling for it!

  5. Looks CAN be deceiving!

  6. Okay, you little joker! I am usually good at spotting wildlife, and I absolutely could not spot any vibrancy of life, save the tomato! 😉 Enjoy the rest of your summer, Ronnie!

  7. Drjcwash said:

    I couldn’t see anything. I was trying and thinking that I was too tired to make it out. Thanks. It is a lovely backyard. I miss that.

  8. Now, Ronnie, you know the power of suggestion. I zoomed in and out several times. I was frustrated, thought my eyes – which aren’t that great – were failing me. Then I went back to read your story. I agree with PapaBear … you are a rascal. You got me. 🙂

  9. Oh my word! I fell for this and I find it completely amusing in the end because what I’d been looking for turned out to be a different thing.

  10. My eyes constantly play tricks on me like that. I like to think it’s a sign of a good imagination. My teen sons say it’s because I’m getting old. They’re so sweet…

  11. fransiweinstein said:

    I can’t believe it! I totally thought they were birds. :). Beautiful garden, BTW.

  12. I fell right into your trap Ronnie. I searched all over your photos for those little creatures (lol). 🙂

  13. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    I bought it! Amazing how much you’re talking about them made me believe they were there. Somewhere in this world there are green finches.

  14. You had me going, too. Back in the Uk, when we lived in Twickenham, there was a park by the river that was well known for the flocks of green parokeets, which is odd in the English climate. Apparently, over the years so many have escaped ( or been released) into the wild that they have successfully colonised this little part of Proud Albion:)

  15. Ronnie now you really had me going… I zoomed into the first photo, full of enthusiasm to see the rare bird sighting… zoomed in further and sat peering at every inch of the photo… think to myself, what am I going to say to Ronnie, sorry I couldn’t see them when you were so full of excitement.??
    Ahh then a second photo.. a close up… yes now I must be able to see them…. NO I CAN’T… this is embarrassing, maybe I should just hit the like button and move on without a comment… not disappointing you by not seeing anything…
    What relief to discover you had not seen them either, just a leaf or two?? Ronnie now I’m relieved and can laugh at you… but that was a bit of a dirty deed, pulling one over on us… LOL…

  16. Lynn Murphy said:

    I was seriously doubting my optical clarity. Given my fascination of local sightings, I brought the hand held magnifying glass to the screen, sweet comfort scrolling down to find the photographer was also duped, FOR A MOMENT.

  17. You got me! I was sure they were finches waiting to be rescued and returned to the easy life of captivity. How easily we are deceived by optical illusions and wishful thinking. 🙂

  18. You are a rascal, Ronnie. Before I read the post I was zoomed in and looking all over every inch of that pic for a bird !!!!! Naughty Girl !!

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