True stories with a twist!

Now I know what it’s like to be accused of committing a murder or committing some sort of hideous crime for which there is no acceptable explanation. I understand how it feels when a group of people, perhaps  members of a jury, agree that you did what they say you did. Nothing you can say will change their minds, and all because of their perceptions.       Unknown-1

Nobody committed murder. Nobody did anything illegal. It just feels that way. Here’s what happened: It is about my last blog, “Rare Birdies on a Plant.”

I wrote about an experience in my back yard on a beautiful summer afternoon. As I was relaxing in a zero gravity reclining chair, I looked across the yard and saw what looked like two tiny green birds alighting on a tomato plant branch. “How weightless they must be to be supported by such a narrow branch,” I said to my husband. “I’ve got to take a picture of this or nobody will believe me.”

“I never heard of small green finches,” he said. We assumed they were finches because of all the goldfinches and red headed finches that lived on our property and enjoyed the thistle seeds we provide for them.

So I did. I took a picture from as close a vantage point as I could get without frightening them away. This success emboldened me and I stepped closer to get a clearer photo. That’s when I realized that Mother Nature was playing her clever tricks on me: the green forms I saw were not birds at all, but leaves from the tomato plant sticking straight up in the air. How foolish I felt! So I wrote the story and posted the pictures.

When I read the comments on my blog I was surprised that every single one accused me of being a “rascal,” of fooling my followers, and of “pulling one over on everyone.” Even though I wrote that Mother Nature was playing her tricks on me, they blamed me for playing the trick on them.

And that’s when I understood what it must be like to be wrongfully accused.   Unknown It is a hopeless feeling, and one about which I could give no acceptable explanations. The gang believed I was wrong. Every writer thought I was wrong. I thought I saw an optical illusion that was foisted upon me.

I rest my case.

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  1. If I got arrested every time I misinterpreted what I saw, I’d be rotting in prison with no possibility for parole. Great post, Ronnie. And I’d be happy to testify on your behalf.

  2. said:

    Nothing wrong with a rich imagination…or wanting to believe that leaves are beautiful birds. Keep imagining; no harm done!

  3. I believe anyone who has stepped behind the lens, at one time or another, has thought they have seen something that wasn’t. You did it with little green finches and I have done it with a grizzly bear in Yellowstone National Park. I really enjoyed your last post as I could relate to this optical illusion. Have a great weekend Ronnie. 🙂

  4. Ajaytao2010 said:

    I Nominated you for A Bunch of Awards – 13 Nominations

    please choose any 3 awards out of the 13
    accept it and oblige

    there are no linkbacks for this award

  5. Oh I love this post… do I feel guilty of saying you pulled the wool over my eyes.?? Sorry I don’t, I actually felt guilty myself as I could not see the rare birds you referred to, and me being a birder didn’t want to disappoint Ronnie… actually I thought it was a good post, certainly had me searching the photos… But I am guilty as charged, when is my trial date.??

  6. fransiweinstein said:

    All but one as I recall. I said I’d also thought they were birds. So I guess that makes me the hold-out juror and a mistrial was declared.

  7. You have rested your case and I, Claire M. O’Brien, Esq., proclaim you victorious.
    Well done, Counselor!

  8. Ronnie, I must apologize, as I was the one who named you a rascal. My comment was only ever meant in jest and good humor, never meant to be hurtful of insensitive. It would seem from your post that some out there saw things otherwise. Could you find it in your heart to forgive my obtuse humor.

  9. Guilty as charged, your Honor. i did call the lovely Ronnie Hammer a rascal. But I enjoy a joke as well as the next bloke. No harm done, Ronnie. Keep Calm and Carry on.

  10. I love a post/story with a twist and a little bit of humor. I have often been fooled by something I have seen at first and then discovered that it was not what I thought it was. And I have a hummingbird story too! All I can say is, “Lighten up!”

  11. Well, at least I dubbed you guilty of suffering optical illusions Ronnie. And then to spare you any further humiliation, I nominated you for an award! It would have been a hung jury because I would have been the only hold out! 🙂

  12. Sounds like some of your readers need to refresh their sense of humor. I always love a twist on the end of a story myself.

  13. Let me know if yo need me to write a testimonial, sign a petition, picket somewhere, put up bail money, or otherwise support you in this. .

  14. harvey hammer said:

    Sorry to disappoint, but I forwarded the picture to a friend of mine at the NSA.
    he just emailed back to me his analysis. One of the “birds” was indeed a tomato leaf, but he thought the other leaf was some kind of listening device.
    So now what!?!

  15. And if the world feels you were wrong to share such with us and insists that you do time, then we will gladly stand by you and say it won’t be possible. Or perhaps plan a jail break. Surely it will be ‘us against the world.’ I enjoyed reading the post that led to this. Nature has also played a similar trick on me.

  16. OMG! You’re kidding?

  17. I believe you. If you think you’re going to need a lawyer, let us know and we’ll get your legal defense fund going.

  18. You shouldn’t take any notice of that stuff. I can’t believe people would have that attitude… I lie, I can believe it…I just wish I couldn’t. I read the post, liked it, and found it charming. How anyone could suggest you were being equivocal is extraordinary. Take no notice and keep writing your excellent posts:).

  19. But they were all wrong. You were right, except they were actually baby crows sitting on your plant.

  20. So I guess I’d better not post my hummingbird photos, right? Sad commentary on perception of humor. Keep on visualizing for those of us who appreciate our own foibles. And who knows? Maybe a green finch will nibble away at the bars on your cell. If not, I’ll bake you a cake with a nail file inside — if I can find my baking supplies.

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