True stories with a twist!


What is there to do on a day like this? It’s so humid that simply breathing is an overwhelming and exhausting task.

Not a day for bicycling; it’s about to pour. Not a day to work in the garden, although the soggy ground would make pulling weeds so much simpler. Not even a day for a walk, when spending time outside is an exercise in exasperation.

It might be a day to revisit old indoor tasks; the ones nobody wants to undertake when the outside is too beautiful to waste in the house. But today? Too miserable to want to be anywhere but in the house.  Or in someone’ else’s house if I were invited; or a movie house, if anything compelling were available to watch.

If a light bulb goes off in my head it’s because the lamp with the light bulb is on top of the night table.  Aha; the top drawer of the night table. That’s always too full to easily open or close. The drawer that everything gets stuffed into until there’s time to look through it and sort. But there is never such a time. Time is always taken with other tasks, pleasurable or necessary. Who isn’t always too busy, not home, or not in the mood? But since on this day I am searching for something to do, I face the question: what IS in that top dresser drawer?

Unknown-2At first glance I see receipts, warrantees for appliances I no longer own and out of date newspaper articles that seemed terribly important at one time.          images-1       Old gift cards and lots and lots of pens. Pens? Yes, the ballpoint pens that were accumulated from places that mark trails of where I have been.

In fact, the government should forget their spying techniques using electronic devices and simply examine the accumulated pens that people have collected from every place they’ve gone to. Mr. Snowden would never have had a chance to leak secrets if only people checked out their ball point pens!

And that is my solution for what to do on a day like this: collect your old pens and make a travel log of where you have visited in the last several years.

All the evidence is right there in your top night table drawer.

Comments on: "A GLOOMY DAY" (26)

  1. Great idea, mine would right the story of the world!

  2. One of the things I can’t find at once, but yet are scattered in my apartment, are pens. Pens! Even when I brought a small case for them, for some reason I tend to misplace. I must admit that there are a lot of things that will burst out of my top drawer, e.g. nails, thin thread … other stuffs that will make one laugh!

  3. That’s why I can never find a pen in this house! They must all be in my nightstand drawer!

  4. Opening my bedside table top drawer is like opening Pandora’s box… all sorts fly out and I wonder how I got everything into it… one look normally has me just close it again and put off the intended clean up till another day….

  5. A drawer of stuff????? Only one??? I have one in every room!
    As for goomy days…, they don’t exist for me. It’s my perspective that if you’re still breathing and wake up in the morning (or evening), it’s a good day. Any other features of the day are merely for drama and environment. Hope your Sunday was a great one.

  6. My pen collection is in a couple huge cylinders on my computer desk. Everyone who’s seen it thinks I should throw a bunch of them away, but why? You make a good point for my case…

  7. What a clever idea! You should do a blog post using pens as your inspiration. It could be a travel-blog travelog.:)

  8. I think everyone, someplace in their house, has just such a junk drawer where all the little treasures they accumulate in their travels collect. Recently cleaned my junk drawer and traveled back to a lot of places.

  9. So that’s where my pens went to. Sorry, Ronnie. I’ve been too afraid to check out that kitchen drawer (that’s where I stuff everything). No one would ever think to look in there. But, with my luck, that’s where I’d find Jimmy Hoffa’s body.

    Hope your Eeyore mood has lifted and you’re now a body-double for Tigger. 🙂

  10. I tend to save my indoor chore jobs for the yukky days, for when its a fine day I like to be outdoors when work breaks allow…. I hope your Week brightens 🙂 sending you a Hug xox Sue

  11. An interesting spin on a way to spend a yucky (and that is the correct meteorological term) day. I hope your journey through the pens in your drawer leads you down a lane of happy memories.

  12. Jerry Warshaw said:

    Wow that was fast! But I haven’t read it yet.

    Sent from my iPhone Jerry

  13. Anonymous said:

    I am doing the same sort of thing today. So glad to see your blog on Morristown Patch – what a good idea. Gaye

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