True stories with a twist!

It was one of the most exciting and gloriously happy days I had ever known. November 24, 1996, the day our first grandchild was born. And very quickly Matthew became a focus in our lives. A loving, precious, warm presence that created in us a powerful and overwhelming love.

Watching a vulnerable, dependent baby develop into a strong, vibrant teenager was a process that happened right before our eyes.

I remember the time Matty, as he liked to be called when he was about three years old, led the family around the living room in a musical salute. He played the tooting instrument, we followed him banging drums, crashing cymbals and jingling bells.  The three year old Pied Piper headed the parade of four grandparents and all the children in the house following supportively behind, enchanted with our clever, talented, charismatic grandson. There was never a happier march.       images-3

“Matty” became way too babyish a name for the elementary school student, who informed us that he was now to be addressed as “Matthew.”

Aren’t we lucky he didn’t request his title of address as “Sir Matthew?”

Matthew progressed and grew until in 8th grade he took on the adult name of “Matt.”

Matt by now was big brother to David and Julia. Every morning at 8AM their mother, my daughter Melinda, drove them to school. She often called for a chat between the school drop off and her appointments and errands. That’s when I heard her description of what is new in the lives of my grand school children as they developed their academic skills.

One morning this fall, when I hadn’t heard from her I called at 8AM  and asked, “Did you just leave the children off at school?”

“Not this morning, Mom,” she answered, “Matt drove them to school today!”


And time moves ahead more quickly than any of us would wish…



Comments on: "WHAT’S IN A NAME?" (42)

  1. fransiweinstein said:

    Oh, I love this story. Thanks for sharing:)

  2. How sweet is that? Lucky for you, you were able to watch Matt grow.

  3. Aw, what a blessing they (Matt and his siblings) must be to you all. This is one of the beauties of life, family, and having children. Matt surely sounds like a man now — for him to be able to drive.

    Footnote: Coincidentally, my Uncle’s name is Mathew and wonderfully, too, he son’s bears the name Mathew Jnr!

  4. Love the pic 😉
    And yes, the older we get, the more time appears to speed up. This is actually true according to proportionality theory, anyway:
    Aloha, Ronnie.

  5. It is with wonder, amazement and joy that we warch them grow :-). Our third Grandie is on the way, we found out 10 days ago, with great excitement! Joy 🙂 On Sep 24, 2013 1:14 PM, “morristownmemos” wrote:

    > ** > morristownmemos by Ronnie Hammer posted: “It was one of the most > exciting and gloriously happy days I had ever known. November 24, 1996, the > day our first grandchild was born. And very quickly Matthew became a focus > in our lives. A loving, precious, warm presence that created in us a > powerful and”

  6. They grow up very quickly, so if you have a grandchild, enjoy every minute you possible can.

  7. How quickly it all goes by, Ronnie. Matty/Matthew/Matt has transformed from a little tyke to a responsible young adult. I want to hold on to the good times we now share with our grandchildren, our chats. I’m glad that they still love to be read to and enjoy our company. That’s the part I never want to see end. But, like you, I know it will. Then, of course, there will be new experiences to enjoy. 🙂

  8. I have three such grandgirls who have mysteriously morphed into young women – all driving! It seems like I only just turned around and the babies were gone. Lovely post Ronnie.

  9. Hi Ronnie,
    You, with your story, just brought to mind that our oldest granddaughter graduates college this year…!!! Can’t be !!! She was just a baby in my arms a couple of years ago. I guess time stands still for none of us. This was a great post, Ronnie.

  10. That was a surprise! Did he have bells and whistles!? c

  11. How time stands still for no one

  12. mysending said:

    I’m having enough trouble wrapping my head around the fact that our oldest granddaughter will celebrating becoming a bat mitzvah this year, but driving??? Wow.

  13. Learning to drive is such a huge milestone; a big step towards independence that affects the entire family. I’ve learned how much self-sufficiency grows– along with the cost of car insurance!

  14. Lisa Honecker said:

    Another winning story by soon to be Pulitzer Prize Author, Ronnie Hammer, get your autographs now! This story touches my heart, I can’t believe I send my baby, Cassandra to Shoprite, Costco, she drives to the beach alone and also born in 1996.

  15. This was beautiful Ronnie. You so amazingly capture the very special, intense love of grandparents.

  16. Oh Dear Ronnie… time marches on and the proverbial grown Grandchildren’s impending marriages nears… then the possible Great Grandchildren… how time flies as we get older…

  17. Lynn Murphy said:

    PING, old hackneyed sayings DO HAVE MERIT; Time FLYS when you are having Fun

  18. So touching! Our eldest is only 4 but it’s still hard to believe how fast the years have gone. It’s so much fun to watch their development. Enjoy!

  19. Oh yes, Ronnie. We just celebrated our first grandson’s bar mitzvah. Thankful for these milestones and wondering how they arrived so quickly since those first “parades.”

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