True stories with a twist!

images-9“What a wonderful summer,” said the bright red tomato growing on the tomato vine.

“It is not summer any more. It’s October.It’s autumn,” said the yellow leaf on the oak tree above.

“Nonsense; of course it’ summer,” said the white roses blooming profusely in the garden.  images-8

“No,” said the migrating Canadian Geese flying above, “Can’t you see that it’s time to leave?” It’s fall.

“You think you’re so smart,” say the koi fish swimming lazily in the pond. We swim to the bottom of the pond and don’t eat from fall to spring. “We’re still being fed, and loving every morsel. It’s summer.”

“Did you see the new stores opening for the month of October that sell only Halloween costumes? That means it is surely fall,” said the dog returning from his walk in town.

“The humans are still slathering me on their bodies,” says the tube of sunscreen cream. So it must be summer.”

The television set joins the debate with,”I’m showing football games again, just as I have been doing every fall.”

“Tell us, human, who is right?”

“You’re all right, in a strange way. The calendar says it’s fall, but the temperatures scream out, summer.

Any day now we could be shocked back into our down jackets and gloves. But for now let’s all enjoy this gift from Mother Nature: summer weather in October.”

Comments on: "WHAT SEASON IS IT?" (50)

  1. You are very poetic! Like to hear more from you.

  2. Ahh, how well I remember those radical temperature swings. I do not miss them at all!

  3. This is you, as I know. Your soul, craft and humor in a perfect blend. Brilliant!!

  4. Neat post. Our cedar elms are slightly starting to tell me that it is fall. The thermometer isn’t! We have had a handful for cool mornings, but the humidity is back and there is talk of rain. Would love the rain. All-in-all, I am grateful for temps less than 100F. I know fall is coming. I am patiently waiting (most of the time).

  5. What a wonderful text. Thank You.

  6. What a great conversational environment you have created as you bring up the issue of climate change in this wonderfully innovative way.

    Loved it.


  7. What a fun post ! WE too are straddling seasons… it’;s supposed to be spring, and often is for a few hours, then it’s back to fires and cosying inside !
    Lovely piece, Ronnie

  8. Whoops forgot to say love your style. Reminds me of a children’s book.

  9. Still north of New York City. It’s been beautiful. Keep it coming.

  10. Perfect description of the weather…

  11. fransiweinstein said:

    Love this. Captures the schizophrenic weather perfectly. We finally had fall here this past weekend. Back to early spring today. Summer’s probably gone for good, but who knows.

  12. We had summer this weekend. Monday is fall, and summer may be back again Wednesday or Thursday. I love these times between seasons when nature plays with our minds. Fun post Ronnie!

  13. I agree with Gypsy Bev: This could easily be a children’s book.

    Just this morning, I turned off my car’s engine — and the heat — realizing that by this afternoon, I’ll probably need the air conditioner.

  14. I love this time of year. In Florida, we finally get a reprieve from the heat. The evenings are a bit cooler. Not sweater weather yet. I do miss fall/(early)winter in Central New York. Enjoy the change in seasons, Ronnie.

  15. This sounds like a story right out of children’s literature. Great job of comparisons and differences. That’s what makes our seasons so interesting.

  16. Anonymous said:

    You certainly have a easy skill in your writing of the most ordinary things. Great job.

  17. I love the way you wrote this!! Perfect way of conveying the dichotomy between the seasons. 🙂

  18. We have the same thing happening here. I loved the way you described the uncertainty of the seasons.

  19. The temporary extension of summer came to a crashing end here in the Midwest yesterday. Enjoy your reprieve while it lasts!

  20. The same thing’s happening here. We’ve been gardening in 30C. Beautiful hot weather…just not as humid as summer. I like it:)

  21. Well I have to say the same is happening here… Winter, Spring and Summer can all make a turn in one week…

  22. Lynn Murphy said:

    Hi Ronnie,
    You had RICHOCHETED my seasonal equilibrium with these visual conundrums.

  23. Adorable post! I’m ready for fall! Tired of being hot.

  24. What a wonderful appreciation for life you have Ronnie. I am just loving this extension of summer but never thought of the details as you did in your blog. Gaye

  25. Thanks for this great post!

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