True stories with a twist!

Thank goodness: no shopping list. I don’t need an extra large cart, I don’t need help loading the bags into my car trunk; I only need a couple of things. So first I’ll head to the dairy aisle for eggs and milk. 

What is that product near the milk: kefir? Kefir, I read on the label: a yogurt-like drink. Hmm; never tried it, but it sounds refreshing and tasty while being good for me, too. There’s not much in the cart so this would be a good time to try some. And into the cart goes a quart of strawberry flavored kefir.Unknown

Onward to the bread aisle. I’m saving so much time by knowing exactly where this supermarket keeps all its supplies. I grab my favorite seven grain sliced bread before noticing the packets of pita. That’s a great idea: pita sandwiches for lunch . And I can get some hummus and fresh tomatoes for the filling. That sounds like a perfect, light, meal. I fling a package of pita into the cart and mosey over to the fresh produce aisle to pick up a large, ripe, red tomato or two. Oh, these look interesting: yellow tomatoes. Low acid. Hmm; I’ll try some yellow tomatoes; wouldn’t they look pretty in a salad mixed in with the red ones? 

What is this: a star fruit. Wonder what it tastes like. When it’s sliced each piece looks like a star. How lovely: the children will be thrilled. Feeling virtuous and adventurous, I move forward only to practically bump smack into a small table of samples. The woman behind the table is preparing a new product: pre-cooked French Onion soup. All I have to do, she assures me, is to boil the packet of soup in a pot of water for 5 minutes, place a portion into individual soup bowls and serve. “To be authentic,” she suggests, “you could grate some gruyere cheese on top, and have a wonderful home made soup in 5 minutes, with no measuring cups, or cutting boards to clean, no sharp knives to hand wash.” Sounds devine!

I wandered along, aisle to aisle, unencumbered by a list of necessary items, free to try new goods for the future. My cart was almost empty, so as I strolled I had the option to toss in cans, jars and frozen goods to try. When did I notice that my cart was no longer empty?images-1

My short jaunt through the supermarket with no confining shopping list to restrict my purchases cost me the incredible amount of $216.94. And seventeen grocery bags to load into the car trunk and carry into the house. Never again will I go traipsing through that wallet burning, budget destroying store without knowing why I’m there, with my shopping list to keep me on the straight and narrow!

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  1. Been there, done that. . . just saying

  2. $200??? !!!

    My household is my son, my cat and me, and once, only once that I can remember, I spent over $200. I was ASTONISHED, that all those things – and only food for a week and a bit, that it cost so much. Hope it’s not that costly regularly – I’d be sorry for you!

  3. I dare say that must have been quite an experience. First lugging those seventeen bags into the car and then taking them into the house. For me the next challenge would have been to remember what I was storing where though I suppose you have a much better memory 🙂

    As you think back to that shopping experience what would you ascribe that buying and spending spree to ?


  4. So funny. And yet, I am green with envy as you came out with 17 bags for only $216.94? WOW!!!

  5. While I pretty much stick to my shopping list, you end up with a lot of nice surprises.

  6. This is why WW does the shopping. I can’t get out of the store without a gazillion things I don’t need and won’t eventually eat. Last week it was the fancy tomatoes and a cheese that made me sick. Sigh!

  7. While I create most everything from scratch and/or my backyard garden, I still make it a point to never shop while hungry! I surely do know your experience, though. 😉

  8. So often I go for one thing and come home with everything except the thing I went for.

  9. We do the same thing, Ronnie. We’ll go to the store for one item and end up with a cart that looks a lot like yours did — and sometimes we’ll even go home without the item we needed in the first place.

  10. I am curious, how did the kefir taste? This is so me! My problem is that I grab a smaller cart with intentions of a couple of things, to find that I have filled that small cart to the brim and should have grabbed a big one! 🙂

  11. Wonderfully insane. The only way that I can myself doing this is not to take a trolley, just a basket. On the other hand, I have learnt to pack an inordinate amount of groceries into a very small basket:)

  12. Doesn’t this happen every time you go to the store, Ronnie? And it happens even when I HAVE a list, and it’s not limited to the grocery store!!!

  13. I do the same thing…. especially in Cosco. I think it’s called impulse buying. Ah well! Great post!

  14. Your cautionary tale hit home. This is why my husband usually does the grocery shopping. I do tend to go overboard as well.

  15. Arrrgh. I’ve been in a familiar situations several times. I find myself saying “Hey, this looks good.” Then, I give it one more look and add it to the cart. Once, and unfortunately too, I ended up regretting a sauce package which I bought all in the name of “trying it out.”

  16. This post helped me a lot, today. Thanks, Ronnie.

  17. oops!! (laugh!) .. c

  18. Now I understand why milk, romaine and tomatoes always cost over $200! Gaye

  19. My wife and I often shop together and she gets very annoyed when I’ll say, “That’s not on the list.”

    Lately I’ve noticed she’s going to the store without me much more often…

  20. Lynn Murphy said:

    Never RESIST experimentation, it is the ESSENCE of a lively LIFE.
    You HAD to have been in WHOLE FOODS, how was the French Onion Soup?

  21. Ronnie this sounds so familiar… Linda hates to have to send me to the shops for something small, as I will return with packets full and normally without what she sent me for… I will stroll and buy without much thought apart from “Ohhhh that looks good enough to eat”

  22. Always a problem. Go in for a few things, come out with a mountain. Enjoy.

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