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I have always been fascinated by the question of what makes some people pursue certain jobs, why some are attracted to certain vocations, and why groups of us are attracted to certain professions. Why does Joey want to work in a restaurant? Why does Jamie live and breathe the idea of  becoming a beautician? Why does Mel dream of studying medicine?

People who always were motivated to guide their paths in certain directions are lucky; “Ever since I was 7 years old I knew I wanted to become a teacher.”

The majority of us, I believe, were not sure what we wanted to do with the rest of our lives, or where to go to find out where we belonged.  I see the same pattern repeated with this young generation. Except that they have so many more options than we had. The speaker at my high school graduation said,”By the time you graduate from college there will be jobs in fields that don’t even exist today.” If that were true then, imagine what the future looks like in the 21st century for new employees-to-be.

For example, a revolution is about to take place in space travel. A soon as Sir Richard Branson makes space travel         Unknown-1                                a vacation destination, how long will it be before intergalactic coffee shops appear, offering pleasure and the comforts of home? When will the first Starbucks open in the big dipper? If a meteor rips a space suit or cracks a helmet, where can a good tailor be found between the moon and Venus? How long can an person be propelled into outer space before cravings for hot fudge sundaes arise? And if a new Brad Pitt or George Clooney film previews back on earth, what self-controlled space explorer could resist being the first in his orbit to see it? Where will the ticket takers come from? Will space movies sell popcorn? What will happen to the tiny Coca Cola bubbles in zero gravity?

I give fair warning to Sir Richard Branson: there are many considerations to take into account before signing up civilian space explorers, and flinging them up towards the moon. UnknownI suggest you do your homework before propelling earthlings out into the void without providing for their creature comforts.

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  1. No need for cobblers in zero gravity! I am sure the man is joking.. imagine if he just pt that money into building american factories to employ, and pay well, american people, Now that would be a small leap for mankind.. c

  2. Forget finding a tailor or seamstress in outer space, I can’t find a good one here on Earth.

  3. One could even set up in competition, and undercut him. Return tickets to space $500.
    (The fine print would list a breathable atmosphere as an optional extra at the cost of a few million.)

  4. You have nailed what is most important when considering opening up the world of space travel. 🙂

  5. Always knew that Jackie Gleason’s comment, “To the moon, Alice”
    would have some futuristic meaning

  6. Wonderful, Ronnie. This is food for thought. Though I admire space travels and activities up there in space, I feel we are not ready to propel earthlings (love the word!) out into space. There are millions, who still need help. Or is this the foretelling of Elysium?

  7. Thought provoking post, Ronnie. And I’m impressed you remember what your speaker at your high school graduation said. I barely even remember graduating. Wait, did I? I’ve been a little spacey lately . . . 😉

  8. fransiweinstein said:

    I’ll need an Apple store for sure 🙂

  9. Love this… but Richard is going to have to create an awful lot of high paying jobs on earth before he starts otherwise their will be few that can afford it…

  10. Good to know you’re keeping an eye on Richard Branson,. and on the amenities of space, Ronnie !

  11. Maybe my great great grandkids will be soda jerks on Intergalactic Airlines, performing an invaluable service to humanity (serving a Taste of Home). 🙂 Funny post!

  12. I will not be going to the moon until Sir Richard has managed to open a shopping mall with a Starbucks.

  13. Ronnie, if you decide to leave teaching, you might consider being an entrepreneur. You think ahead to what the public will need and want. 🙂

  14. The world of opportunities is limitless these days

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