True stories with a twist!

It was a green bow. A bright velvet hair ornament perfectly suited for the holiday, well chosen to compliment her outfit. But it almost ruined my afternoon.

New York is a colorful time during the Christmas season. It’s a great time to see the magnificent tree at Rockefeller Center and the store windows decorated for the holidays. For out of town grandchildren it is the perfect time to treat them them to The Nutcracker Ballet at Lincoln Center. images-6  Tschiakovsky’s music never sounded more beautiful, the costumes never looked more 18th century, nor the children performers so talentedly charming.

We were shown to our seats as if we were royal visitors and sat down just as the overture was beginning. I looked expectantly toward the stage and my line of vision swooped right onto…a green thing sticking up in the air? A grown woman adorned with a bow in her hair? A bow that was interrupting my sight of the stage? It wasn’t a hat that I could be ask her to remove, or a high and wide hair style about which to bemoan, but a  wide bow with starched tips to resemble angel wings: straight up and stiffly in place. I could move my head to the side, getting an instant crick in the neck, sit on my coat, causing the ballet lover behind me to look at my head for two hours instead of the performance, or to concentrate on the  the left side of the stage for whatever dancing I could catch sight of there.

It was quite discouraging and disappointing, but in a live performance you cannot simply move your seat elsewhere, as is an option in a movie theater. And you can’t pull closer to the stage, as is possible on your home television set.

And then, much to my delight and her posture’s gloom, she slouched. The grown woman with the green velvet bow slumped down in her chair, affording me an unblocked view of the unfolding story and beautiful dance performance. Unknown Her spine might suffer from a lifelong slumping habit but my eyesight will joyfully record the highlights of the ballet that is synonymous with the Christmas season.

Comments on: "THE GREEN VELVET BOW" (41)

  1. fransiweinstein said:

    Good to hear that her bad posture turned out to be your good fortune. All the best for a happy, healthy New Year!

  2. Glad this all turned out well, Ronnie. Big hair, distracting hats and bows should be banned t public performances and movies. 🙂 I’ve seen our family perform the Nutcracker Suite. My granddaughter, grandson, daughter and her husband all had a role. It was delightful, but someday I’d love to see this done professionally.

  3. Glad to hear that you didn’t “clip” her wings, Ronnie. Thankfully it was just a bow…, coulda been Kobe Bryant !!! Happy New Year to you ‘n’ yours

  4. Glad she wasn’t an obstacle throughout the performance–it would’ve been a totally frustrating experience. I also appreciate your gentility during your moment of inconveniece; some people would’ve reacted harshly, causing an awkward pause in the live performance.

    Happy Christmas and may the New Year bring you success and love.

    Ps–sorry for the mix up in my previous comment.

  5. So funny, thank goodness for her slouching! 🙂

  6. you slouched her with your indignant eye! c

  7. Merry Christmas to you and to your family, Ronnie

  8. jakesprinter said:

    Beautiful post Ronnie

  9. Sometimes when you are being a kind grandmother, things just happen in your favor. I’m really trying hard to figure out why a grown woman would be wearing a large green bow in her hair. May you have a wonderful Christmas and may 2014 be the best year yet.

  10. Are you sure she was alive?

  11. Maybe she ‘felt’ you. In any case, it turned out well, I trust?

  12. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  13. Actually, as I first heard the story from one of the Grand Kids, the woman fell asleep during the performance and slipped down into her chair, or was I thinking of Sleeping Beauty??

  14. How wonderful that you got to see the Nutcracker full view and at Lincoln Center! And better yet – over the Green Velvet Bow! Merry Christmas to you and yours! ~Dor

  15. So glad fate intervened and didn’t spoil The Nutcracker. Very difficult when seated behind someone who is tall, wears hats and bows, etc, and how to tactfully ask to remove them?
    Great post. And what adult wears a large hair bow? Really?

  16. Always great to read your writing, Ronnie. Thanks for this wonderful post, and I hope your holiday is a beautiful one.

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