True stories with a twist!

Violet is sick; a six year old with a nasty cold, home from school. Her mom, my daughter, Amy, could probably use a reprieve and some escape from endless questions and commentaries.


“Ah, my kingdom for some peace and quiet!” I can imagine her thinking. Quiet time is a valuable and rare commodity. So I called to speak to Violet and do a bit of long distance baby-sitting. As it turned out I only listened, not spoke, to her. Does she ever pause to take a breath?

There are things on a first grader’s mind that need expressing, and this time was perfect. So her thoughts transform into words, stumbling out of her mouth and into my ears. How troubling for me to discover the news that two boys in her class are very rude. How shocking; can you imagine a rude six year old boy? That seems to be a new, unknown behavior to Violet. What a compliment to her two older brothers!

And she doesn’t understand why she makes the mistake of calling her current first grade teacher by last year’s teacher’s name. How embarrassing to catch herself in this disturbing and forgetful mind set.

I was horrified, of course, to hear the news that Piggy is losing her stuffing and  dribbling soft white material all over the floor, and mommy made a sock for Piggy’s foot so her stuffing will stop falling out and upsetting the uncluttered perfection of the floors.

But the best part of my listen-fest was her offer to play the piano for me. I didn’t know she took piano lessons, I thought. But when the tinkling of ivories began I realized that her version of playing a song was free style pounding of random keys. I complimented her on her light touch and asked to speak to her mom.

“Sure, grandma” she said, and hung up.

Comments on: "Conversation with my Granddaughter" (47)

  1. Ajaytao2010 said:

    So cute and beautiful innocent face, dear your granddaughter is wonderful

  2. She is very talented and has a beautiful smile. Children brightens the world with their generous kindness.

  3. gaye fulton said:

    Another wonderful blogRonnie – how familiar it all sounds

  4. I remember when my daughter was that age. I’d sometimes catch myself, suddenly realizing that she’d been talking for the past twenty minutes and I hadn’t heard a word of it. I’m sure Amy appreciated the call as much as Violet did.

    • Thanks, Charles, but the question is, did I appreciate the call? Even though I went through the same experience with my own children it seems like an awful lot of time is spent listening and very little conversing.

  5. Iit’s always interesting to see the world through the eyes of a child. Thanks for sharing your conversation (even if it was one-sided) with us.

  6. What a charmer! I’m sure you enjoyed every moment of that conversation. I have a six-year old granddaughter, too, and love every minute of a first grader’s philosophy of life. Great fun! 🙂

  7. Sonel said:

    She sounds totally adorable! 😀

  8. I was reminded of a cousin of mine who’s 5 years old! Nicely written!

  9. I can certainly relate, although my batch are pre-first-graders. Precocious ones, though!
    There was great drama this evening regarding the tragedy of not being able to dry hair in time to dress up in all possible finery for dinner.

  10. A hilarious post Ronnie! I am still smiling after laughing out loud. 🙂 Thanks for starting my morning off right. 🙂

  11. Complete innocence and adorableness! 🙂 I miss those days with my kids. It is often the best medicine to hear a child speak. 🙂

  12. Lynn murphy said:

    Good morning Ronnie from CT.
    Loved hearing both sides of your G’Ma and Violet conversation. violet spilled her heart out, oh such a nasty boy. To hv enjoyed a private, personal concert was indeed an HONOR.
    Generous of you to warm the spirit of we other adoring grandmas, we enjoy ever morsel you shared.

  13. This is so cute… “Sure, grandma” she said, and hung up. This has happened to me, and when my son phones back I ask the question, his answer “she hands me the phone and says Gramps wants to talk to you” and all is dead…

  14. Precious! XxX
    Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

  15. Love it! Love her name too. What a lucky grand-daughter to have a grandma who likes to listen and empathize!

  16. What a sweet conversation, Ronnie! Hope Piggy gets better. 🙂

  17. Grandparenting is a great gig, Ronnie. (Ours are a little older – 10 and almost 13.) This is a great time and so glad you’re getting to enjoy your time with her – even if this time it was over the phone. 😉

  18. How wonderful that she’s such a conversationalist. I’m sure if my mother tried to have such a conversation with my sons, she’d get a string of “Uh, um, yeah, sure” responses. But I guess when your granddaughter’s done chatting, she’s done, as evidenced by her abrupt adieu. Too cute. 🙂

  19. Ha ha ha .. too funny! poor grandma.. loved the wee chat.. I so look forward to my grandchildren being old enough to talk to on the phone.. lovely post.. c

  20. The forgetfulness again. haha. How cute.

  21. this kid can go!! I’m a preschool teacher so I know that they can get ranting raaaaaaather quickly.

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