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Bargain Prices

imagesAm I watching a corny, exaggerated  sit-com or is this really happening in real time?

Fox’s is an off label store. If you’re lucky you can find expensive well known brands there at less than half price.

Today was the first day of the introduction of their spring line. Customers received invitations to the big event, which included refreshments along with the clothes.

Why any store would invite people to smear bagels with messy cream cheese, hold hot cups of coffee and tea, and browse through racks of brand new clothes does not seem to be a great idea, but that’s what they did.

This is a store where the comment, ”Buyer beware” is very good advice. One shirt I tried on featuring epaulets on each shoulder felt strange once it was buttoned up. Looking in the mirror I saw why. Each epaulet stitched on the shirt was about three inches below each shoulder. Buttons didn’t necessarily line up with the buttonholes, either. And, watching for merchandise with any signs of cream cheese or coffee spots added to the concentration of choosing something to try on.

But the prices are amazing.

Although I was pushed and shoved a bit during the first few minutes the doors opened, the real excitement came when a large delivery truck pulled up at the door-front. The driver pulled the door open and a long rack of new clothing he was delivering was visible from the store’s front window. The rush to the front door was as dramatic as a swarm of mosquitos zooming to sugar cubes.

The unfortunate delivery man was encircled, almost paralyzed by the frenzied group of attacking women. They grabbed at hangers, pulled at clothes, and lunged at whatever they could reach.

This is what cartoons are made of; real people don’t behave this way, do they? Gathering a batch of new outfits was the first challenge; the second was finding a place to try on discounted treasures. Fitting rooms were so tight and closely guarded that women were stripping out of their clothes right in the aisles, flinging dresses and blouses over their heads, pouring legs into pants and skirts.

Chatter was a big part of the scene, with strangers giving advice to fellow strangers: “too tight in the back,” or “it’s pulling apart at the buttons in front.” “The Color is drab for you,” and, “That’s a bit short, don’t you think?” After trying on piles of clothing I decided on a simple pair of white pants and  blue knit top that could have been worn years ago and still been stylish. “This style,” the saleswoman said,” is classic. Picture Jackie Kennedy wearing it.”

Exactly. No matter how I try to modernize or change my look, the same classic style works every time.

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  1. Wow–kind of like the sitcom experience. I might end up waiting until the second day (unless I wanted a unique blog post 😉 )

  2. Ronnie, at all of the bargain stores I’ve ever shopped (and they and they are few) I found that the clothing always comes in 2 sizes – too large, or too small !!! Never my size. 🙂

  3. Finding the right clothes to buy is often the problem in such a kind of store. Here, in our open-air market, there is a place where women can purchase Okirika clothes (clothes from UK and other western countries that were either worn a few time or have a few factory production issues). The frenzied way buyers gather when there are new arrivals is nothing new to us again. Fights break out occasionally.

  4. An off-label store? I’m going to spend the rest of today trying to find a man who knows what that means.

    Meanwhile, another great post, Ronnie.

  5. Classic looks are timeless. But, every once in a while, I fall for the rebel … the outfit that you know is destined to remain in the back of the closet after one season of wearing. Glad you had a great time and found some nice duds, Ronnie. My daughter’s like you. She’s a great shopper. 😉

    • Great shopper, ME? Oh, my husband would surely not agree with you. He’ll say, “Why did you let them sell you that?” He’s still living in the days of white buck shoes, button down collars and circle pins.

  6. Sounds just like a CAbi trunk show!

  7. You can’t go wrong with “classic.” Since I hate trying to maneuver in crowds I would not be a good patron of Fox’s even at half prices. I hope you got a real deal though! Fun post. 🙂

  8. I’ve never been to one of those sales, although we went to a Black Friday sale our first year down here. Scary!! What a lovely compliment, Jackie O would be proud.

  9. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    I’d never do it. I don’t care how amazing the bargains and the close are, I couldn’t put myself in the midst of it. I’ll never get the “excitement” and “fun” that some women see in that kind of experience. Ah, to each her own.

  10. fransiweinstein said:

    Sounds like the makings of a reality show. I love outlet stores but I’ve never shopped at one this frenzied. Totally agree with you about the bagels and coffee btw. Never heard of anything like that.

  11. Pretty frightening scenario…..with Bette Middler it could be great:)

  12. I gave up on shopping years ago. Last time I went shopping I just bought 10 pairs of blue slacks with white shirts for the office and a dozen pairs of blue jeans for working in the shop. Tee-shirts I mostly get from street vendors, gift stores or as gifts.

    I figure that when the slacks finally wear out it will be time to retire and do jeans every really wear out?

    Except I will shop for socks, I really like a nice pair of warm fluffy socks.

  13. Oh my. Yet another reason why this introvert shops online. Yikes!

  14. I haven’t been there , will have to check it out, esp. now that Loehmans closed.

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