True stories with a twist!

Is this a chain letter gone wrong? Could it be a scam? Or do you think it’s possible that some of us love writing and want to spread the joy and successes around?

I received an irresistible invitation from a fellow writer named Amy Reade. Get it? Amy Reade? Telling me about a way to get more readers and sales for my book? Yes, please  Read, or Reade my writings, friends. The invitation was to join her “Blog Hop.”

Yes, I would love to.

First I must answer some questions: social security number, drivers’ license and major credit card numbers.  Unknown

No, that is not true. I was asked to answer normal, conversational questions like “What were your grades on the SATs,”  “Were you a virgin when you got married?” “Was your husband?”

Not true; I just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

The real first question is: What are you working on now?

Answer: I’m working on preparing for the holidays. Baking and freezing, cooking and freezing, taking a walk through the garden and freezing.

Oh: you meant, 1)what writing am I working on now?

Thinking of subjects to add to my list of blogs, writing them and hoping they will be worth posting. And I am working on  marketing my new book, “EN GARDE, MY BATTLE WITH BREAST CANCER.” I am engaged in speaking engagements and newspaper interviews and am reaching out beyond my immediate world to let others know about my book. I think it is an important book that can help people learn to manage the fear and stress of living with a frightening disease.

2) How is my writing different from those in the same genre? My style leans toward the humorous, even when the subject is not funny. I can’t stay serious for too long a time; something strikes me funny and I have to laugh, smile, or get silly.

3) Why do you write what you do? I write all truthful stories: not fiction. If something happens, or I observe an interesting scene, hear a provoking conversation, think a challenging thought, I write about it and look forward to responses from my readers.

4) How does your writing prices work? I listen, read, and think of subjects that would make readable stories. Most of my stories are under 1,000 words. My book is the longest piece of writing I have worked on. It was written a chapter at a time with each one almost a separate entity.

When I was writing En Garde I asked myself if I could discuss the frightening subject of cancer and still use humor. Myself answered ,”Sure; if it’s tastefully done.” and I did use humor where it fit into the story.

Comments on: "Answering Questions for the Blog Hop" (19)

  1. When writing about personal experiences like your cancer, I find it emotionally draining to relive it all again. But think you are doing a real service by writing it as a support system for those having that problem.

  2. I loved this: “Baking and freezing, cooking and freezing, taking a walk through the garden and freezing.”

    Congratulations on the book, Ronnie.

  3. Good questions!They capture the essence of writing and also help the reader to know more about you and what to expect. I certainly find most of your post humorous. Hopefully I’d get you to do a fun post for my blog someday.

    I praise you for writing “En Garde.” It’s a very courageous step.

  4. Well done, Ronnie, and best wishes on your book. I had an editor ask during a job interview once how I’d define my writing. I wanted to say: “Dang, if I know.” My friend, a fellow writer, was far more creative. Your answers were spot on.

    • Hmm; do you have any idea how the creative writer answered? I rather liked your answer, though. It showed that you were not intimidated by them.

      • Please note that chicken-hearted me only “wanted to say” the response I was thinking. My creative friend, Mark Murphy, said something along the lines that “my writing has the sparseness of Ernest Hemingway and the details of James Lee Burke.” (those are my choice of authors. I don’t recall his … although I believe it’s in one of my journals.) 😆

  5. I love your answers. See, I was paying attention.

  6. Good questions — your answers are great — too all the questions. 🙂

    Now I have to think about my answers…. Thanks for the inspiration! Happy holidays!

  7. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    What a worthwhile book! I’m sure it will help so many women in the same situation and give others a lot of wonderful, useful insights. Humor IS often the best medicine.

  8. Hi, Ronnie,

    Great answers! I’m glad you were able to participate in the blog hop. Maybe I’ll start my own at some point…if I do, you’ll be among the first to know!

  9. Happy Passover and I enjoyed your answers.

  10. I like this question: How is my writing different from those in the same genre?

    It’s one I’d like to answer for myself. First I just need to figure out what genre my writing is in…

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