True stories with a twist!


This is a picture of me when I was a little tyke.  IMG_1204 I’ve lived in Morristown for several years. Once summer I remember being filled with tasty, fragrant herbs. Another summer we tried sedums, and another some colorful annuals. I don’t recall ever actually growing strawberries; it’s too much trouble wrestling with birds for the ripe fruit.

Every winter I had to be careful moved into the garage so the harsh New Jersey winters don’t crack my clay finish, or break me in half.

I thought I was terribly attractive, especially when my plant pockets were full of living, pretty, growing plants.


And then my rival appeared. He is a bona fide monster by Strawberry Jar standards. It would take six of me to measure up to him.   IMG_1205 Because he’s made of ceramic he might be able to tolerate northeastern winters with only the addition of a warm cover.


So here’s the question: How should my large sibling be planted? If it were up to you, now that it finally is starting to feel like spring and we can think about warm weather fantasies like planting gardens, how should his plant pockets be filled?


Here’s a picture of the two of us together.    IMG_1206We can be planted as identical twins, who often dress alike, or perhaps as fraternal twins, where we can be individuals.


What do you think? Any suggestions?

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  1. How fun! For the big one, you should have a few hanging plants. Fuschia is one of my favorites, though it is a shade plant so could be a problem depending on placement (it is great hanging under eaves for that reason). Isn’t spring great!

  2. Ronnie, I have nominated your blog for the One Lovely Blog Award. 🙂

  3. I have the fraise a de boise strawberries in one of my jars, the second one had regular strawberries,but froze this winter. True,between the birds and rabbits,I get few,but I like to feed the birds.

  4. I would plant ferns in the small one and flowers in the big one. Or mix your strawberries with something contrasting like lobelia. But that’s just me! I grow the hottest chilis imaginable – I don’t eat them, but share them with our helper, a local guy who likes chili water made from them. And believe it or not, cardinals LOVE these hot babies! Bright red is so attractive, it must override their palate, if they even have one left!

  5. How about herbs like thymes or falling rosemary ,oreganos in small pots and wild strawberry on top( wild strawberries are a kind of herb and herbs soil is perfect for them Also they bring happiness as it is said😃) Dear Ronnie❤️

  6. I think I’d go with flowers, Ronnie. It doesn’t seem as though you’d get many strawberries from those small openings, anyway.

  7. Ahhhh one with strawberries the other with various herbs? Love the different point of view.

  8. Both jars are adorable.
    I could easily picture the strawberry jar bursting with flowers in flaming colors, while his giant ceramic sibling is elegantly adorned with intricate greenery, both dripping from it and crawling around it in every which way .
    Happy planting!

  9. Ronnie … I’d love to weigh in here, but I’ve killed cactus plants and many other green, living things. I’ve given up trying to raise veggies, fruit, flowers and herbs. Instead I’ll admire my friends’ green thumbs and smile as I relax by the pool in my (nearly) weed-free lanai. Best wishes on your plants … 😉

  10. I have the perfect pot idea — if only you lived in Colorado . . . 😉

  11. I’ve never had one of these. I put all my herbs in different pots or around the yard. This seems a nice way to be organized- and remember what you have. Still a bit too early to plant, right?

  12. Ronnie, plant them full of strawberries and then sit with the camera to capture all the birds feeding… can’t think of anything better…

  13. What a gorgeous pot! I would love this. In my warm/dry/hot Southern California climate we plants fabulous trailing succulents in these pots. They are quite spectacular, but I’m not sure that would be your cup of tea. I love trailing geraniums or seasonal multicolored violas. Whatever you do is going to be gorgeous, I’m just certain!

  14. What a fantastic pot, i am very fond of deep blue lobelia in a pot like that.. strawberries too of course.. wonderful.. c

    On Sun, Apr 20, 2014 at 4:31 PM, morristownmemos wrote:

    > morristownmemos by Ronnie Hammer posted: “This is a picture of me when > I was a little tyke. I’ve lived in Morristown for several years. Once > summer I remember being filled with tasty, fragrant herbs. Another summer > we tried sedums, and another some colorful annuals. I don’t recall ever > actually”

  15. If there are two of you, you might consider strawberries – the two of you together look like you could take on any bird that came your way. If I was a bird, I’d be afraid of a big ceramic pot waving it’s arms at me.

    or have you considered life as a fountain. You look like you’d make an interesting water feature with water flowing out of all your pockets.

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