True stories with a twist!

images“You’re a writer? What do you write?”

The conversation starts the same way every time I meet a new person who asks what I do.

But today I can say, as an answer to “What do you do?” that I am a world problem-solver. I meet people from one continent on earth and connect them to people on other continents. I have made warm friendships with many of them. More importantly, they have helped each other. As of today I can add the following story with both my sincerity and the wonder of 21st century communication.

The story starts years ago, when three of my stories were published in the Metropolitan Diary column of The New York Times. It was so effortless that I thought submitting articles and having them approved for publication was a snap! I write it, they read it, they publish it, and my resume keeps growing. But those three stories of mine that the Times published were an example of Beginners’ Luck. Since that time I have sent many amazingly brilliant works to various magazines and newspapers. The editors should have jumped to attention, ordered the news room to “Stop the Presses!” and rushed my masterpiece into the next edition.

After a while of going through this frustrating exercise and receiving rejection letters my son suggested, “Why don’t you start a blog? Everything you write will be published, no editors will demand rewrites, and you won’t need an agent.” So I did. It was a great idea, it is great fun, and I have made many wonderful on-line friends whose work I look forward to reading every week.

Today I was responsible for a connection that will hopefully change the direction of someone’s life, and it’s all because of telling two people from other parts of the world that they should contact each other. And here’s why:

A blogger I discovered early in my days of blogging , and whose whose work I very much enjoy is Cecelia, who writes a blog called Celi was a drama teacher in New Zealand and now lives on a seven acre farm in Illinois. She raises pigs, chickens, cows and bees, and grows all the family’s food.

The second blogger in this story is Uzo, a chemist and story writer from Nigeria who writes a blog called His stories are exciting thrillers based on tribal laws of his characters. Uzo devoted his recent blog to my book, En Garde, My Battle With Breast Cancer. In that article, after mentioning my book, he says that he is trying to make soap to sell in the markets. Since Nigeria has limited opportunities for employment, and limited manufacturing, an idea that can propel a person to self-employment is advantageous to everybody, including the government.

But the soap making process created a problem that Uzo expressed. I knew from reading Celi’s blog that she makes her own soap and has connections with experienced soap-makers. So I wrote a post to Uzo telling him about Celi and a post to Celi telling her about Uzo. They immediately connected through wordpress and are working on finding a solution to the soap-making process.

That is amazing to me: “Nigeria contacting Illinois!” We keep hearing that “The world is so small.” If more of us could introduce people who could share knowledge and help each other develop skills, it would be a richer place. It is truly uplifting to see how quickly most people respond to the call for help of another human being, and how eagerly they share their expertise with others.

I wish good luck to everyone working hard to come up with that one winning idea, and a real life fairy godmother to come to their aid!

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  1. This is wonderful, Ronnie – connecting Uzo with Cecelia. The world remains large but kindness makes it small, I reckon.

    I agree with your son.

    I started writing in the fall of 2009 and after two years chasing agents and publishers, I decided to self publish. Then, I realised, I needed a platform and started blogging in November 2011.

    As a former corporate guy, my sentiments are – if I’m not prepared to invest in myself, why should I expect others to invest in my writings.

    I’ve not looked back and it’s been great fun.

    Happy to connect with you,

  2. Yes. Networking through WordPress has been a most surprising side-benefit to posting what I write there!

    • The word networking always had a negative connotation to me: it meant business connections, and finding people to help you succeed. But with blogging there’s no ulterior reasons: just meeting interesting people, learning from their experiences and having a laugh or two.

      When, Bela, would I ever have a friend in Hawaii?

  3. What fun. My Mom was a writer with more than one rejection slip. Had she lived longer, she would have loved the Internet and blogging. A very satisfying and relatively painless way to establish yourself. Nice that you could connect with others, and connect others with each other. How’s that for a twisted sentence?

  4. Blogging, it seems, connects a writer with the world, and from it draws a marvelously diverse collection of perspectives and viewpoints with which to enrich your mind…, but that’s just my humble opinion. A beautiful day to ya, Ronnie 🙂

  5. Lovely thing to do Ronnie. That’s the miracle of blogging indeed!!
    Blessings. 🙂

  6. What positive connections! I do believe that we can tackle so many problems with a spirit of cooperation. There are wonderful people worldwide eager to share what they know. I have learned from other bloggers, certainly. It’s delightful to know we can assist one another. 🙂

  7. Ronnie, I’ve tried many times to explain what’s so great about blogging. It’s about the writing, obviously, and connecting with people all over the world. But there are other dimensions to it, elements that are less tangible. Your post illustrates one of them perfectly. Thank you for this.

  8. What a great idea to help each other through our world-wide connections! You made it seem so easy. Anytime we can help someone else, it makes a brighter day for us also.

  9. What a great story, Ronnie. Thanks for sharing it as a blog post. It’s amazing the connections we can make through our blogs.

  10. Great story, sometimes I hold back that I’m a blogger, because of that “Used Car Salesman” attitude. I wrote a post about Soap Nuts (laundry soap) that grow on the Sapindus Marginatus Tree, the tree is found in Florida, South Carolina, India and Nepal. Don’t know if will help or not,

  11. Very cool! The world is indeed a small place and what a wonderful thing you did!

  12. What a thrill to have connected two so-far-away bloggers! Amazing story Ronnie.

  13. fransiweinstein said:

    Oh I love, love, love this!! Good for you for connecting them and good for them for taking it to the next step. The positive power of the internet at work. Imagine the possibilities!

  14. Fantastic story- what great work you did/do.

  15. Wonderful isn’t it? The connection brings a lot of hope and ideas. I’m grateful to you and Cecilia for the willingness and help.

    Great post, Ronnie.

  16. I love this share Ronnie… I started my blog as a way of letting my children see what photos I’ve been taking and where… and now it is just so much more, with people enjoying my shares and my limited knowledge of our wild life and birds here in Africa… but from my blogging has come my first book, I say first as I’m working on a second whilst the first is being edited. Will it ever be published ?? Who cares, I wrote it on the encouragement of so many people, including my blogging family and it has been an eye opener. Blogging is just so much more than we ever expect… if we all got together we could solve all the worldly woes, of that I’m sure…

  17. How WONDERFUL! I love these kinds of stories. You are a good woman, and talented too. 🙂

  18. What a story about the power of blogging. Well done!

  19. How exciting, Ronnie. You truly have made a difference in the lives of more than just the two that you introduced. Best wishes to all. 😉

  20. I am relieved to hear that you were able to do so much good for so many people. If you ever get permission to tell the story I’m sure many readers would want to hear it. Congratulations!

  21. I love my connections here, Ronnie, and I love this story. Many thanks.

  22. Darling girl.. I think that the blogging world that i used to raise my eyebrows at is one of the most important series of connections i have in my life at the moment. Of course because I do live out in the middle of nowhere, but mostly because you guys are All so COOL!.. c

    On Sun, Jun 1, 2014 at 6:45 PM, morristownmemos wrote:

    > morristownmemos by Ronnie Hammer posted: ““You’re a writer? What do > you write?” The conversation starts the same way every time I meet a new > person who asks what I do. But today I can say, as an answer to “What do > you do?” that I am a world problem-solver. I meet people from one continent > o”

    • The middle of nowhere is on the map because of YOU and your beautiful writing. You make farming sound like the most fun work anyone could hope to work in. Your animals are charming, have wonderful personalities and are known to hundreds around the world by their names.

      Of course you are one of the heroes in the above story, so everybody: read Cecilia’s blog!

      And please tell me what happened with the soap making problem. Were you able to help Uzo?

  23. What a fabulous story Ronnie — and what an amazing connection. Love it! Thanks for sharing.


  24. How exciting! Connections that can be made on the blogosphere are truly amazing. I have had some interesting things happen on my blog AllAboutAbeBerlin.wp but it is not all spelled out as I do not print their stories w/o permission. But I am happy to say we saved many people from being cheated by a Psychopath who has racked up 45 years of experience.

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