True stories with a twist!


“I’m prettier than you are,” roared the mountains to the low lying seashore. “     images-2

”Only a fool would attempt to compete with MY beauty,” answered the haughty, self-impressed seashore.”

“You’re just flat and boring,” responded the mountains.”

“You’re jealous of my long, sunny beaches.”images-3

“Are you kidding? My majestic winding trails are fascinating.”

“But you are dangerous to visit. You provide room and board for bears and snakes.”

“And your stinging sea nettles and jellyfish make one step in the water a painfully threatening gamble.”

“Aw, shoot,” spat out the seashore. “Visiting you means subjecting yourself to horrible poisonous plants that make you itch until the skin tears and blood gushes.”

“Look who’s talking. It’s impossible not to walk on your beaches without stepping on sharp pebbles until your feet bleed and get infected.”

“Oh, but just picture a wonderful clambake on the beach at night with a roaring bonfire and everyone singing old songs.”

“That can’t compare with the campfires in the woods with char-cooked hamburgers and hot dogs.”

“Now see here, you two: I am equally proud of all my children, and I am sick of all this bickering. Keep that up and I’ll send you up to the moon so you can see my real masterpiece.”

“Yes, Mother Nature,” they meekly replied as one. “We’ll behave. We won’t fight any more…

But those moonscapes couldn’t possibly be as beautiful as we are.”

Comments on: "MOUNTAIN AND SEASHORE" (37)

  1. Adored the bickering of the mountains and the seashore..and the continuation if they reached the moon. Sounds like two normal children.

  2. I call it a tie. 🙂

  3. Love this post dear Ronnie! Very poetic and creative!😃❤️❤️❤️

  4. Love your creative writing, Ronnie! We’re traveling to Mohonk soon. I have a feeling that might bias my opinion!

  5. fransiweinstein said:

    Love this. Must admit I’m more of a beach person myself 🙂 but both are beautiful.

  6. This is brilliant! At first I thought you were quoting. Bravo!!!

  7. Oh how I love this Ronnie! You’ve sent my imagination on an overdrive!! 🙂 Now when I go to the beach, I’ll be wondering what it’s gonna say! 🙂

  8. Mother Nature…. hmmm…! I must be “father time” because I love both of them, seashore and mountains, and both have been around since just forever. Great post, Ronnie

  9. Reading this made me realize how much I like looking at the sea from the top of a mountain, and how beautiful the mountains look from a distance. Great post, Ronnie.

  10. Sounds like the Comox Valley! Love it.

  11. It’s a draw. Both the mountains and the seashore offer awesome views and a wonderful way to relax … and cook out. Thanks, Ronnie.

  12. Always a dilemma. When I am in the mountains I miss the flat Coastal Plain. At the shore, I miss the picturesque grandeur of the mountains. Good thing we live two hours away from both.

  13. This was fun! The mountains and seas are equally beautiful and dangerous. It’s not too bad for an observer 😉

  14. Sibling rivalry 🙂

  15. wonderful! love the interchange.. how I miss the sea.. c

    On Mon, Jun 9, 2014 at 3:09 PM, morristownmemos wrote:

    > morristownmemos by Ronnie Hammer posted: ” “I’m prettier than you > are,” roared the mountains to the low lying seashore. “ ”Only a fool > would attempt to compete with MY beauty,” answered the haughty, > self-impressed seashore.” “You’re just flat and boring,” responded the > mountai”

  16. Lovely. And that’s why I live where I can enjoy both.

  17. Visiting here by way of Dor….love this! (But I must admit, I’m partial to the seashore!

  18. Reblogged this on Virginia Views and commented:
    This is a war that will make you grin!

  19. Oh, what fun this is Ronnie! I have to read it again. And again. I think I will reblog it! 🙂

  20. Anonymous said:

    Very poetic and expressive,we have seen the mountains,we have seen the seashore, I will book the first flight available so we can visit the moonscapes

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