True stories with a twist!

On a beautiful summer day we took an hour drive to Hamilton Township, New Jersey, to a fantastical park called “Grounds For Sculpture.’ The artist, Seward Johnson, a member of the Johnson & Johnson family, founded this park and contributed the sculptures for the public to enjoy.


Some of his sculptures are whimsical.


IMG_1551 Harvey will try a hot dog anywhere!IMG_1552


…and some use impressionist paintings as a format to place sculptures of famous artworks  around the park in unexpected places. You may be walking around, enjoying the scenery, when there’s a break in the foliage. You peek in and see a famous Monet painting of a picnic scene.



IMG_1539Further ahead is the graceful form of a seventeenth century woman by a refreshing stream.


A group of Monet friends gathered at a table for dinner. They graciously invited me to join them.



You can imagine my joy to be reunited with my friend, Mona.IMG_1580



…and happy to visit old buddies from Grant Wood’s “American Gothic.”



Harvey didn’t think “The Scream” was anything to get too frightened about!



But it’s not all about art: don’t they realize that Grounds For Sculpture is a family park?


People show personal feelings among the shrubbery:IMG_1560


Grounds for Sculpture is a treasure. It’s one of the most unusual parks I’ve seen. Theres a wonderful restaurant on the property called “Rats.” The name is from the classic book, “The Wind in the Willows.” Worth a trip!

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  1. That looks like a place I would absolutely love – thanks for the mini tour.

  2. My second husband was from New Jersey. While I was married to him, we visited a number of museums. Many hidden treasures, many financed by wealthy families. I enjoyed them, but missed this park. Did get to the Wheaton Galss museum, however.

  3. Sounds very cool. I like unusual places like this.

  4. Gotta admit, “Scream” freaks me out! Love that the two of you joined the sculptures.

  5. Ronnie, what town or city is this park close to? We go to NJ a lot (the Shore mostly) around Pt. Pleasant and south. My wife is a “Jersey Girl” … are you? Would like to see this park on one our trips. Somehow we’ve missed up til now. 🙂

    • Paul, it’s not far from Princeton, in Hamilton Township. I’m not an original Jersey Girl, but married into the title. This park is recommended for your next trip.The fun part is finding the sculptures, because they’re not just lined up in a row; they’re inside of shrubbery. It takes a little sleuthing to find them all.

  6. Very cool! Glad you visited!

  7. wow! I’d love to go there, it looks really quirky and wonderful! x

  8. What a delightful park. I love Monet. Those sculptures and scenes were very lifelike. Looks like a great time, Ronnie. 😉 Sorry to hear that poor Harvey got sick. That hot dog was probably out in the sun too long. 😉

  9. Thank you for reminding me of this wonderful park with your entertaining and descriptive piece. We were there about 12 or more years ago, and now plan to go back for a visit very soon.

  10. We just had to postpone our trip to New Jersey, but this will definitely be added to our list of places to see when we do go. Thanks, Ronnie!

  11. Yes, it’s a treat to go.

  12. gaye fulton said:

    What a wonderful blog! I had no idea this place existed and I cannot wait to visit. Thank you for a very entertaining blog and alerting me to a treasure to introduce to my family. Gaye

  13. fransiweinstein said:

    What fun! Fantastic. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this park. Thanks for posting. Brilliant.

  14. Now that sure sounds like a place to visit. Love your photos of the place. There is a statute so life like in a place we visit that I greet it everytime we visit the place.

    • Having you compliment MY photos is quite the fest, considering how excellent the quality of yours are. Thanks. It’s pretty funny of you to greet the statue where you visit; if it has any heart it probably smiles whenever you come by.

      • When we visited the USA my SiL took us to the Smithsonian and there is a statue operating and testing a jet engine… he looked so real I posed a question to him… SiL I think was very embarrassed,… Me, ?? I laughed my head off as did everyone in the area when I explained I thought him real…. nothing embarrasses me…

  15. What a fascinating place! Thanks so much for sharing all those surprise sculptures. And what fun that you could insert yourself into some of the famous artwork. 🙂

  16. Oh wow! HOw enchanting.

  17. That looks like a great place to go. Sadly, it would be more than an hour’s drive for me – google maps says about 43. I’ll be there very late Tuesday…

  18. Harvey Hammer said:

    you are absolutely right. the hotdogs were delicious and I think they were even offering seconds at the garden party you were attending.
    I think gastric distress was quite appropriate and the Grant wood sculptures were a reminder that “Grounds For Sculpture ” hot dogs” should remain on the grounds. Never the less, the restaurant RATS should not be associated with the lesser fare of the Sculpture Garden or with the name RATS!


  19. cyclingrandma said:

    I love that place. Yes, worth the trip.

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