True stories with a twist!

Everyone says, “Happy 4th of JULY,” But what about Independence Day, another name for the holiday?

Do you feel independent? More independent that you did ten years ago? Or twenty? Perhaps from England’s rule, but not independent or secure from tyrants in other parts of the world.

I still remember the plaintive and morose voice of the boy in my social studies class complaining, “Why do I have to know about Laos? I’ll never hear of it again after this semester ends.”

So many places and causes and movements that none of us ever heard of before that now are every day words or expressions. If only I could say that I’ll never have to hear of terrorist acts from groups such as El Queda, Isis, Boko Haram or The Muslim Brotherhood again.

The semester is over, graduation just celebrated all over the country, but those words are still very much in our awareness. They monopolize newscasts, blare from on line headlines and bellow from newspapers. They cause fear and dread everywhere.

Our independence is challenged from all directions; it doesn’t sound like the concept as seen by our forefathers in 1776. The lack of independence from going where you wish, fears of traveling places you’ve always wanted to see, visiting large public places are frought with measures making heightened security necessary. Terror alerts, armed guards with trained dogs and personal searches are part of the new scene of traveling.

Airline travel is no longer exciting or enjoyable.

The great seer, Nostradamus, back in the 16th century, prophesied great world problems that came to pass: wars, famines, despotic, powerful leaders. His final prediction was that a “great swarm of warriors from the east will swoop down upon the west, overrunning and overwhelming it.” Can this be true?

So are you more independent now?

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  1. It’s interesting to think about Independence Day from a different perspective. And as Lynn said, it’s great to hear your voice again, Ronnie.

  2. Some powerful thoughts. Nostradamus has made some pretty accurate predictions so far. Hope he misses that last one you mentioned, but can see signs of it already.But for now, we do live in the best place in the world, I believe.

  3. Let’s hope that Nostradamus prediction doesn’t comes true. Scary. Guess it makes it all the more important to be grateful for the freedom and liberties we have in this country. Hopefully that will never change.

  4. Lynn Murphy said:

    So GRAND to hear your Voice again Ronnie,
    I suspect that we are oppressively more conscious of the looming threats and acute need for vigilance given the barrage of voices, much like the piercing sound of stiletto heels on tie, alerting us to emerging tragedies before they even clear the authentication time frame, the price or reward for instantaneous news. There is always two sides to the coin.
    We complain when kept in the dark, and cringe when we are made aware of all the details.

  5. Yes, we have many freedoms compared to many parts of the world. Agree, flying is no fun. And there’s lots to do.

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