True stories with a twist!

It was several years ago at this time of year. We were addressing holiday cards to the service people who make our lives easier all year: the sanitation workers. Our township hires four: a driver and a collector of regular garbage, and a driver and a collector of recyclables. Four cash gifts were added to each card and each person’s name was added to each card. Their name was put on the envelope before I punched a hole in the top of each of the four cards, added brightly colored ribbons through the hole on top and tied each card to the handle of the garbage pail. It made a colorful and cheerful sight, ribbons waving in the wind greeting the workmen.

Screeching sounds of  gears shifting as the garbage truck lumbered up the hill and grinding noises of the brakes stopping at each house told us that the garbage truck was approaching.


From the living room window we watched the truck stop in front of our house and the men hoisting the heavy pails up and tossing its contents into the garbage truck. There was no sign of their reaching for anything tied to the handles. No envelopes were swinging from the handles. Some objects were flapping as the pails were lifted and replaced on the curb. What were they?

Where were the envelopes? What happened to our gifts?

We raced down the driveway to the curb to inspect the pails.

That’s when we saw the hideous sight of ribbons that had been cut right above where the envelopes were attached to the pails. What we had seen flapping were the stumps of the ribbons. A Grinch of our town had made it’s way along the street and cut off all the envelopes containing Christmas gifts for the workers.
Peace on earth? Good will to men? Bah Humbug!  

Comments on: "A HOLIDAY SURPRISE" (14)

  1. Anonymous said:

    How very nice of you to not only be so thoughtful and generous, but to package your gifts so creatively. How sad that someone could stoop so low especially as they must have realized the gifts were intended for those who serve the community doing not the most pleasant of jobs.

  2. The persons who did this should be ashamed of themselves.. We got up early the other morning to chase after the Sunday Paper boy that delivers my hubbies weekly fix lol.. His face was a picture of delight 🙂

    Wishing you a joyful Happy Healthy New Year Ronnie xxx

  3. My comments on this wouldn’t be printable, Ronnie. What was done wasn’t just terrible. It was criminal !!! Sad commentary on today’s society.

  4. Oh Noooo! So much for good will toward men……

  5. So sad. I guess hand delivery is the best!

  6. Lisa Honecker said:

    Oh how awful

  7. Lynn murphy said:

    My Heart just Sank. Your intentions were sincere and creatively packaged
    May the tires of the tag grinches all be FLAT on a most important occasion

    • My heart sank too; it was beyond the good spirit or good wishes we expect. With all the messages of love and peace we hear, this action went totally against the grain. As someone said to me, “I hope they needed it more!”

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