True stories with a twist!

New York. There’s no place like it in the world. The museums, the shows, the restaurants.


This year a revision of the play, “The King and I” opened to rave reviews. The music is beautiful, the children in the cast are adorable, and the acting is top notch. People are walking around singing, “Getting to Know You,” “Whistle a Happy Tune” and “Hello Young Lovers.” The romantic among us are are stretching their vocal cords to the sad song two doomed you lovers sing, ”We Kiss in a Shadow.”

A feel good story featuring an exceptional cast of characters and magnificent costumes; how can you miss?

You have to pay the price to get into the theater to watch the show, that’s how. If you would like to bring a young grandchild and be sure that he/she has the ability to see what’s happening on stage, orchestra seats are recommended. To be near enough to be enchanted try “center orchestra seats.” They will set you back $325.00 apiece, which includes a $2.00 “Facility Fee!”

Add in the transportation cost and lunch before the show, and the total resembles the amount Donald Trump pays for publicity.

Choices are difficult, or as the King sings in the show, life “Is a Puzzlement.” There shouldn’t be a price for enjoyment: there shouldn’t be a price for pleasure. But if your pleasure is a Broadway show, there is indeed a price for the pleasure of watching a first rate, professional performance.

Hey Buddy; can you spare a dime?

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  1. Wow that is a hefty price of a theatre ticket.. Hope you are having a wonderful start to March Ronnie.. sending thoughts for a beautiful Spring your way xx

  2. Wow, given the prices of The King & I, I’m guessing I won’t be able to touch Hamilton with a ten foot pole!

  3. fransiweinstein said:

    When I was a kid my parents took me to New York a few times a year and we always went to the theatre 2 – 3 times. Guess that wouldn’t be happening now. That’s a real shame.

  4. Thanks for the tip, Lisa. I will look into TDF and maybe not need to mortgage the house in order to take the family to the theater.

  5. harvey hammer said:

    I think that has changed.
    It is no longer “Hey Buddy, can you spare a dime” it is “Hey, Buddy, can you spare a $20 bill”
    New York, New York, as the song goes

  6. Can I be your old grandchild? Shall we dance? da, da, da, Next time rent the movie version, spring for the DVD. I want to see the Book of Mormon but when I found out what the tickets costs for two, its a trip to Grand Canyon or a couple trips to Portland, Oregon ($185.00 each way) if you can deal with a stopover. One good deal if you love Opera is going to Rockaway Mall for $24.00 can secure you a seat to watch an Opera being performed at the Met Live. It’s about 4 hours (so bring some snacks) but a cheap way to see an almost Live performance. My girlfriend lied at the ticket booth and asked for 2 senior citizen tickets while saying I had a face lift that was not successful. The girl punched up 2 tickets. You can go on line and get the schedule. Good story to start 2016.

  7. Yikes, that’s high for that theater. Look into TDF (theater development fund). They run the half price ticket booths and also offer discounts on line. Still, every now and then it’s nice to treat yourselves to a real treat!

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