True stories with a twist!



We all have memories of the board game, “Monopoly.”

The game could be used for better reasons and more interesting results than entertaining people staying at home for the evening: how about for saving freedom and ousting the world’s “bad guys” once and for all?

Here’s how it would work:

A world wide Monopoly Game would be played between Free countries and Dictatorships on earth. The audience is assembled. Pulses race. Blood pressures rise just below the stroke level.

With a quick toss of the dice Russia advances to Park place. Putin snaps up the property, hungering for the next opportunity to land on its partner property, Boardwalk. Dreams of glory and victory fill his mind as he places his newly purchased homes on the property, awaiting the first sucker to land on it. Although Obama thought it would be a difficult concept for Putin to get involved in a capitalist themed game, Vladimir accepts the challenge of wheeling and dealing instead of his usual paying and accepting bribes.

Bashir Assad throws the dice next and lands in jail: a harsh joke to most of the world glued to the action.

Now it’s David Cameron’s turn at the dice, and he lands on “pay taxes,” a subtle reminder of England’s debt to the United States during World War Two.

Now although it is Mexico’s turn, there seems to be some confusion about which warlord has the right to represent their county in the competition. With El Chapo in government control for the time being, nobody is bold enough to step forward to claim his turn at the Monopoly board.

Then Benjamin Netanyahu fixes his jaw into a rigid grimace to show the world who is the boss, and spins two sixes. Cheers! He lands on “Pass Go; collect $200.00.”He can use that money to add to his defense budget, as he rolls again. What luck; to have a second chance because he spun two sixes: a double, his first time up. He moves ahead to the first of the railroads, which he snaps up immediately.

The Arab countries, in a rare show of unity, pool their chances by joining together on the same team for a singular turn at the dice. They are so fierce and angry as they throw the dice that the small cubes hit the table with  force,  bounce up, and disappear in secret pockets of the room.

A “Time Out”is called by the United Nations, as the search begins for the defecting dice. Cuba might be involved in the caper, but since there is no proof and no records of the facts, the game is called until the original pair of dice can be located.

And the world awaits more news of the game.






Comments on: "Monopoly" (13)

  1. Long time Ronnie, your son is as cute as ever!😀

  2. Great idea!! Or everybody can just go straight to jail! 🙂

  3. We’re going to support your assignment as ambassador to the UN, Ronnie !!!! 🙂

  4. Clever! As we grandmothers know, children learn so much from playing games. Perhaps the adults need to return to the games of their youths to learn cooperation, rules, and taking turns and so on. Or maybe you need to be the next Sec. of State?

  5. You should patent it Ronnie.. It could become a ‘Future’ success 🙂
    Love and Hugs your way and thank you for making me smile ,, I have memories of some wonderful battles with my siblings over monopoly 🙂

  6. harvey hammer said:

    I think this is great! you should send your blog to all of the world leaders you mentioned and then quickly enroll in the witness protection program

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