True stories with a twist!


As I watched a Public Broadcasting Company’s beautifully, scenic show, “Nature,” I came away with the accusation that we humans have done terrible damage to this planet and the wildlife that populates it. Building roads and destroying natural habitats, poisoning waterways and poaching animals are some of the evils we have imposed on our planet.

That was my mind set as I sat peacefully in my kitchen, calmly sipping a cup of tea, enjoying the peace and quiet. And then a flash! What was that? A streak of movement zoomed across the floor, heading for the stove. The blur disappeared underneath it. I didn’t scream! Not audibly, anyway. But along with the internal scream I shuddered and shimmied all over, like a salsa dancer feeling some “hot” music.


It was a traumatic sighting, and a new awareness that my private property had a mouse interloper. A rodent intruder. A field invader. This hair curling, scream inducer had to be dealt with. So a call to the exterminator was the only reasonable move, if not an admirable one. The foe must be destroyed!

In the six years we’ve lived in this house there has never been a mouse on site or in sight within. There’s not even been an awareness that those outdoor monsters could insert themselves into the sanctity of these four walls. And now, along with the list of traumas to the planet: earthquakes, floods and  tsunamis, it is fitting to me to add a mouse in a house in Morristown.

In the season of Passover here is one more blight that tales of problems befalling Egyptians can add: mice overrunning peaceful private homes. Egyptian plagues of locusts haven’t anything compared to the plague of a mouse running across the kitchen floor, almost colliding with my right foot!

So the exterminator did his job, leaving our property once again clean, unfettered and peaceful.

But my mind went back to the television show, “Nature,” as I realized that I too, am contributing to the damage to nature that we humans impose on our natural world.

But what’s  a person to do, Public Broadcasting System?






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  1. It’s funny really. We, humans, love to explore. And where do we sometimes go for a real sense of adventure? Into the wild. We invade, we dominate, we take whatever pleases us and then leave. And then when we see any of these creatures make an uninvited entry into our space (homes), we are like “Hey, you shouldn’t be here. Get out!” and we kick them out, of course – by whichever means necessary. If you ask, I think this is one of upsides of walking this earth as a human being.

    To the mouse. “Sorry. You should’ve tried an empty lot instead.”

  2. Love it! The constant clash between wanting to appreciate and preserve nature from human spoiling and still wanting to clear our living spaces of encroaching natural threats.

  3. I’ve had this happen more than once. First, we comb through the house to see where the mouse might have entered. If I can usher it outside, I do so. Otherwise, I trap the creature with a mental/visual warning to its brothers and sisters that this is our indoor sanctuary. They belong outdoors, and coming inside is not okay. It does seem to work, too.

  4. Oh dear, I would not have done well in that situation, not well at all. Despite my husband’s severe cat allergies, I might have gone out right then and there and adopted a kitty!

  5. It’s more the feeling of being invaded. We just had squirrels in the attic and I was totally grossed out. I’m sure your mouse meant no harm.

  6. Laughed out load when I realized it was a mouse! I’m terrified of them!

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