True stories with a twist!


What is that? Over there, on the left side of the road. No, not there. Look up. No, look higher. Higher than that; move your eyes up about 30 more feet.

images-2   A drone? Is that what that is? That strange flying gadget is a drone? I’ve been hearing about them for some time now, but never saw one “in person” before.

The young man in the field, seemingly controlling the drone’s movements, reminds me of children we used to see, running across the open fields, flying kites, playing soccer, or controlling battery operated airplanes. They were the playground air controllers of their day. Now rather than children running across the fields they are flying drones. Drones that weren’t even a distant concept when their parents were their ages.

The drone we saw that day was flying about thirty feet in the sky. It was a non-descriptive color, about four feet long, and as wide as an eagle taking flight. A pretty big toy! How much higher must they fly to become a royal nuisance? And danger? How high into space must they go before they interfere with air traffic, bird migration flights or sadly wandering, floating, lost helium balloons?

These drones some day may become tools of people-moving. A drone bus? A drone car pool? Drone day charters to Machu Pichu?

The lower sky will need drone traffic laws,  licenses to operate drones, drone rules of conduct. How would drone operators manage “road rage”? Since there wouldn’t be rage over stolen parking spots up in the sky there could still be “fender benders.” A drone traffic officer would be called. Then Drone Insurance would have to be produced. The officer will fill out forms explaining the accident and fly the report to the “DIC” or Drone Insurance Company. Will drone drivers receive points on their licenses for rule infractions? A whole new court of Drone Controls would have to be established.

Imagine a parent of the future, as a child leaves the house to play saying NOT “don’t forget your sweater,” but “Bring the goggles and helmet for your drone ride.”   images-3

And then off they’ll go, up, up and away, into the future.


Comments on: "UP, UP AND AWAY" (6)

  1. Crazy but true. Not for me though.

  2. They are definitely our future. Nothing surprises me these days. They are also very invasive in my opinion as they fly over taking pictures of all our activities.

  3. harvey hammer said:

    great commentary on the signs of our times. maybe, we will get to Mars and back in our lifetimes(only kidding)

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