True stories with a twist!


What’s the first association that comes to mind when you hear the words, “Airline food?”

How does the thought of eating airplane meals make you feel? Here are some considerations about airline food feelings:

  1. Bursting with Enthusiasm
  2. Pre-gastric Apprehension
  3. Reason to Prepare your weight loss program NOW.


If good health, good intentions and good feelings are what we expect and hope for in pilots, what do we feed them before we put our lives in their hands? We want them to be well nourished, free from nausea, stomach cramps or the need for frequent runs to the lavatory.

As I ponder this question I wonder, “What DO Airline pilots eat during a flight? Do they chow down on the universally criticized Airlines food? Do they succumb to the Airlines food and insult the taste buds of their well-travelled tongues?

I have noticed the official appearances of pilots trekking through airports with their pull-luggage rolling obediently and silently behind. What contraband is concealed in there? Since their their roll-on luggage must pass through security, the contents of their bags must appear innocent to the X-Ray machines. Are Meals on Wheels tenderly and lovingly arranged? Are home packed brown bag lunches concealed under shaving kits? Are pilots sneaking in some of grandma’s home made soup to replace chemical-filled concoctions being offered (for a fee) in coach class?

Do the pilots secretly snicker at the sight of the prepared food truck parked aside the airplane as they smuggle in their edible meals?

The airline personnel awaits its cargo of eight inch rectangular microwavable dinners of a slab of this, a scoop of that and ample gooey gray gravy blanketing, effectively concealing what lies underneath.

Or do pilots revert to the comfort foods of their childhoods? Do they lock cockpit doors so nobody will see them gulping down large bowls of Fruit Loops with cold milk? Do they gauge their airborne sweet tooths (sweet teeth?) with boxes of chocolate covered, marshmallow filled Mallow Mars? 

Think of them; the heroes of the sky, eating mysterious dinners behind closed cockpit doors and silently wish them luck in their next airline flights and medical exams.


Comments on: "AIRLINE FOOD" (19)

  1. The Best Airline meal I have had Ronnie was in the 90’s when I flew united Arab Emirates, In fact that was the first time I flew.. When I went business class to Sri Lanka.. Changing planes at Dubai to one that shook and rattled and dropped 10 feet in turbulence was a big wake up call to the differences.. 🙂
    I have since had many a cardboard meal since on planes, some better than others they just stop the hunger pains.. 🙂 lol

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Captains and crew having meals slightly different 🙂 And your Picture looks the better than some.. 🙂 Hugs xx

  2. They put the carefully prepared airline dinner in a plastic bag and flush it out at 30,000 ft, go back to the cockpit, dig out a couple of PBJ’s and a glass of milk and enjoy the flight ! (personal observation). Loved the post, Ronnie. 🙂

  3. I’ve always assumed they eat something different. There’s no way they could be eating the same sedative-laced carbs as the rest of us.

  4. These days, the next part of the question is… do they have to order ahead and pay for their meals? 🙂

  5. Food is the least of it. I don’t know how they manage the time differences, breathing in that air all the time, etc. As to the food… I hate it and try to bring my own, but how many granola bars can one eat?

  6. I love this “food for thought?” definitely not airline food… I always eat before boarding, but then in retrospect it is never a healthy meal that I eat. Hamburger and chips? May as well eat the airline gunk…

  7. Perhaps they don’t eat on the plane at all. No eating while flying could be the rule. Food at the airports might be some better.

  8. Never thought of this – very funny and of course well written. I enjoyed it, Ronnie.

  9. harvey hammer said:

    A very good question.Don’t think the pilots would have many flying years ahead of them if they ate the chemically concocted food served to the “paying customers”

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