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The Sunday papers; always full of extra features, extra advertising and extra hype.  One of my favorite sections every weekend is the travel section. There I may fulfill my fantasies of trips I wish I could take.

A curious part of these articles is the descriptions used by travel writers They have a wonderful talent of making every city, countryside and hamlet sound like a magical destination not to be missed in this lifetime.

So I wondered how I could describe my town, Morristown. Could I be so persuasive about the wonders of Morristown that after reading this article you will unquestionably want to book your flight immediately? As seen by an imaginative writer, this town is so spectacular, so perfect, so rare, that only a hardened, plebeian soul could resist a visit. The article and review might look something like this:


As we drive across the charming Route 78 images-1.jpgon the way from busy Newark airport to the sleepy town of Morristown, New Jersey, our senses are reawakened. The approach to the town is purposely slowed by the huge number of cars, busses and eight wheel semis. images-3.jpg They’re all competing with each other for the pleasure of enjoying the views of the delightful cities passed on the way to Morristown. There is something for everyone on this trip: places from the “Dark side,” such as the unrepentant city of Newark. Murder and drug rates are thriving and rising in Newark. Do you care to experience crime as TV programs chronicle every night? Then come and see first hand how the reality of poverty, addiction and crime look in real life.

A few miles down the road is the lovely town of Summit, a high end community featuring charming, established homes. quite a contrast to Newark, although they are so geographically close.

Morristown is coming up soon in a few more exits. The Main Street, South Street, used to be called “Millionaires’ Row.” It featured mansion after mansion. images-5.jpgThose magnificent homes have been converted into corporate headquarters, professional offices and banks. They are cared for in the manner that staffs of servants kept them in the past.

The center of Morristown features “The Green,” images-4.jpga park-like arrangement smack dab in the middle of South Street, the main artery through town. In the heart of Morristown, On South Street near the Green, are festivities for everyone to enjoy. The fall festival, featuring foods from local restaurants is a popular event, as is the book festival each summer. There are fireworks on the Fourth of July, and parades on appropriate holidays.

The Farmer’s Market opens every summer and focuses on providing fresh produce from farms in the area. The market also includes cheeses, fresh fish and baked goods. “The Green” houses Santa Claus and staff in the winter in a park setting with Christmas and Hanukkah lights highlighting the festive atmosphere.

Along South Street are restaurants, a high rise luxury condominium, and small shops. Morristown is a good good walking

Morristown Medical Center is a major teaching hospital in the New York Metropolitan area, right off the highway. A hospital is a necessity, and Morristown has a wonderful one!

New Year’s Eve is celebrated with “First Night,” an alcohol-free celebration featuring performers entertaining all through town in locations such as churches, the library and school auditoriums. The Mayo Performing Arts Center prides itself in sponsoring performances by singers, orchestras, and dance companies.

Morristown is a historic area. 59C0D48C-1DD8-B71B-0BEB338D6DE59916.jpgGeorge Washington’s headquarters is located in town, and Jockey Hollow Park contains actual battle spots of the American Revolution along with huts that housed American soldiers.




Patriot’s Path is a paved trail that covers areas from Morristown to Mendham, a town about five miles away. Hikers and bicycle riders appreciate the private trail, uncompromised by vehicular traffic. There are lakes for summer recreation too.

This charming city, a short hour by train or by car, is a wonderful place to visit.

Recommended: 5 stars!





Comments on: "TRAVEL PLANS" (16)

  1. How truly fascinating that George Washington’s HQ is there along with other relics of the Revolution… worth a visit just for that !!!!!

    And I loved the humor of your first paras, you made gridlock sound like an irrisistible experience !

  2. Sounds like a delightful place to explore. You could actually divide this up and have a detailed article about each of those delightful highlights of your town. I do think in its present form, it would be perfect for a local brochure.

  3. Anonymous said:

    This would make a beautiful brochure, great job! mimi

  4. Anna Fand said:

    Great idea, and so well described! Sounds as lovely as I know it is.

  5. So often we ignore what’s in our own backyard. This is a lovely look at Morristown– you should submit it to the NYT travel section!

  6. I want to go!

  7. Ronnie, you should send this to the Morristown Chamber of Commerce- Definiatly a destination town.

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