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Is it true that people no longer write letters? images-2

And schools no longer teach penmanship?images-1

Although I’ve always loved writing letters, I’ve had the same question that I’ve always had at the end of each correspondence: how do you end the letter? What word do you use before you sign?images-1

“Sincerely” is formal and business like.

“Yours truly” is old fashioned.

“Love” is too personal.

“Fondly” conveys a positive but non-promisory feeling.

“Best” is general and can mean just about anything.

“Warm wishes.” is cozy.

I propose some new sign-off words. They should be specific to the tone of the letter. If I wrote a note complaining about the political tone in this country I could sign it, “Rebelliously, Ronnie.”

If I resented the abundance of commercials of commercial television channels I might sign my comments with “For Blocking ads, Ronnie”

If I were writing a note about the history of our town I might sign my letter with “Antiquely yours, Ronnie.”

Have you any ideas about this quandary?

Comments on: "WHO WRITES LETTERS?" (8)

  1. Ciao, With affection, Sending prayers, See you

  2. I enjoy writing real letters and most of my friends enjoy receiving them. I’ve given up on those old traditional endings. Like you, I try to sign with something that fits the person.

    Keep writing letters,

  3. harvey hammer said:


  4. It seems love and xoxo etc. are used so much they’ve become meaningless. I agree– best, sincerely, yours truly sound too formal and old fashioned. I had a principal who signed his memos “educationally yours” which I found pompous. A dilemma for sure! And who writes letters! That said, I’m big stickler for thank you notes and try to write them as well. Not a texter, so don’t have that issue. I tend to use sincerely or sincerely yours for business type correspondence. Good luck finding the solution; eager to see the responses.

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