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Why is it that when there is not a moment free, you think of all the things you wish you had time to do?

Why is it that when you have so much to do that you’re too busy to have telephone time with friends?

Why is it that some days you leave the house in early morning, and don’t stop until you have just enough energy to park the car, check mail and listen to phone messages?

UnknownBut when a threatening weather day rolls in it calls your bluff. Now you are forced to stay home.

Now you can do all those things you never have time to do. Here is a free day, a day you could accomplish all the things on your “to do” list. Clear out that refrigerator. Re-attach that button. Call for that appointment. Write that Thank-You note. Get going!

But you aren’t in the mood.

What does this mean?

Do you secretly want to wiggle out of work? Do you wish to whittle your way out of weighty calls? Do you secretly enjoy the scramble of struggle at home rather than live in a proper, pristine place?

Do you just want to be left alone? At least for a while?

My diagnosis is a case of “overwhelmingitis.” It happens every year about this time.

So, make a list, get organized and move forward. Get going; it will be done!

Soon it will be 2018 and you can make a few resolutions to change what you didn’t like about this year. It will be so much easier then.

Comments on: "TIMELY MANNER" (15)

  1. With 40 degrees heat here I think that is a good enough reason to not move at all.
    However, sooner or later I will have to get motivated for the Grand kids sake.
    Kind regards.

  2. Jerry Warshaw said:

    I think I’ve got the answer but I’ve got to run out now.

  3. Yes, “overwhelmingitis.” Perfect word for how I feel every year at this time too. There’s so much to do for Christmas. I always get it done, so I don’t know why I let it stress me out. I should just enjoy the moment. And yet the stress still comes. Sigh.

  4. harvey hammer said:

    very well put
    a train going 60 miles per hour is not used to suddenly traveling at 5miles per hour.
    you describe an all too frequent “malady”, Maybe the remedy is to always stay busy, but that doesn’t sound right either??

  5. Nice to have a snow day to catch on things around the house.

  6. said:

    You have described my present state of mind to a Tee. Serious panic is setting in. Gaye

    Gaye Fulton

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