True stories with a twist!


It’s what I did to save my sanity back all those years ago when I was mothering three small children. Or maybe I should say “back when they were toddler-izing me.” At 1:00 every afternoon, I watched a soap opera: “Days of Our Lives.” Unknown-1.jpeg

Those three toddlers are now the ages I was when my addictive TV behavior began. I happily kicked the soap opera habit once the children were in school.

It’s been many years since those days of needing some form of adult conversation, whether it be the real or the fantasy kind.images-2.jpeg

Now, on New Year’s Eve, 2017 my three college aged grandchildren will be spending the holiday with us. To prepare for this event, necessity demanded that I clear out the refrigerator and make room for the holiday’s treats.

Is there any more boring job on earth than cleaning the refrigerator? So to liven things up I turned on the TV to keep me company. And what should instantly flash onto the screen? “Days of Our Lives.” Is that show still on the air? I asked myself, incredulously?

And then came the surprise. “Wait a minute; isn’t that the same character who was on the show years ago, the pretty, blonde psychiatrist by the name of: Oh, what was her name? ” Then a male character appeared onscreen with snow white hair. Who was he? The minute he spoke I recognized his slow, deep, sensuous voice. He was the hero detective (with dark hair then, not white): what was his name?


In the next scene a group of young characters appeared, voicing the same angst that young people have always had. I didn’t know any of those characters: they weren’t around during the days I used to watch the show. I certainly didn’t care to learn about anxieties plaguing the young in today’s world .

Aha!: a new twist: something my old soap opera never dealt with: problems of a same sex couple. I suppose this addition is the writers’ way of keeping up with the times. Back when I watched the show there was no recognition of gay people.

In the course of the story another male character appeared. He looked familiar but I couldn’t place him. Then he spoke with a rich Italian accent. Since he’s gained a few pounds since those early years, it took a while to realize who he was. Is he still a bad guy whose father was the villain of the show?images-3.jpeg

So far I hadn’t noticed the mainstay story line of soap operas: amnesia. I don’t plan to watch until the story line reverts to that. Then a character will become unable to remember who he is. But I can’t help; I don’t remember who he is either!

Tuning on this show was like catching up with old friends. They’re nice to know about and see once in a while but I wouldn’t want to get involved with their problems again. But it was great fun to catch up and tune into their lives once more .


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  1. Margy said:

    I watched The Young and the Restless in the ’70’s. The character Victor Newman is apparently still part of the show, and as much a villain as ever. I’ll have to watch it one day!

  2. Adrianne Bendich said:

    My favorites were Mr. Rogers and the brand new Sesame Street! Enjoy your visit with your family. Best wishes to you and Harvey for a Happy New Year
    See you in 2018!

  3. Have a wonderful family time Ronnie.. I remember the days I would be into soaps.. lol, not having heard of this one living in the UK.. But we had our share of USA sagas such as Dallas and others.. I did get into Friends, too.
    Have a Great Holiday.. And thank you for your friendship over the years also Ronnie..
    Love and Hugs
    Sue 🎅💖🥂

  4. I recently watched Days of Our Lives again so know exactly what you mean.

  5. Old actors in modern shows always gets my mind running.
    One that comes to mind is Dick Van Dyke from Mary Poppins, went on to play numerous modern roles. We are lucky in our generation as we get the pleasure of seeing actors from different eras.
    Best wishes for a great family New Years Eve.

  6. Lucky you to have your grands with you for the holidays!

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