True stories with a twist!

The day before the east coast was attacked by a brutal snow storm, we had the fortune to visit the Pennsylvania Flower Show. Being unaware about what was about to happen at home, we strolled through the spring gardens just as winter was secretly planning its  attack. Our community suffered a twelve inch accumulation. But I prefer telling you about the Flower Show.

Many spring gardens showed cheerful bulbs of varying colors.

But my favorite exhibits were the miniature plants and miniature gardens. There were Edwardian Cases. This one is planted with a Venus fly trap surrounded by pitcher plants.IMG_1637

The display of miniature iris plants in full bloom was cheerful and charming.IMG_1615

There were containers set at unusual angles that made for interesting viewing. This one was set on its side, showing a variety of miniature plants. The different colors and shapes made this display especially appealing.

IMG_1640Besides plants, this year’s show featured an exhibit of butterflies. Butterfly food was  placed on a Q-tip. Butterflies taste with their feet, so if one were to hold the dry tip and offer the wet tip to a butterfly, it would step onto the Qtip and munch away. I found an especially talented gentleman demonstrating this feeding technique:


It was a lovely show; much more lovely than the cold and snowy reality we are facing now.

Comments on: "Spring in the Midst of Winter" (18)

  1. Adrianne Bendich said:

    Glad you both had the opportunity to see some green as well as flower colors as the colors of spring and summer are said to enhance our pleasure senses. Finding the blooms of the small bulbs early in Spring always made me very happy. And butterflies!! What more could you want for a memorable day ⚘

  2. A nice reminder that it is actually spring 🙂

  3. said:

    Dear Ronnie,

    I just loved this one. The flowers are gorgeous and the gentleman feeding the butterfly a real dish!

    I tried to post this but never seem to be able to do it.


    Gaye Fulton

  4. “As winter was secretly planning its attack” – yes, you poor people on the northeast coast getting hammered by 2 storms back to back 😕
    Attending a spring flower show is the perfect antidote to the winter blues – especially when there are butterflies! I learn something new everyday … I didn’t know they tasted with their feet.

  5. The Philly Flower show got an award for being the best in the world. The Boston Flower show is 2 hours from where I live and is next week. It’s also kind of nice and my sister and I have tickets that her husband got for us plus he got us bus tickets right to the door. We got that horrible blizzard this week and hopefully next week will be good weather. It is like a taste of Spring and all kinds of ideas. Love it.

    • How wonderful! A flower show is an uplifting, positive way to look forward to the spring and the brightness it brings. One of the things I enjoy at the shows is the “gadget booths,” where there are all kinds of new devices to make gardening easier. I bought a device that sharpens pruners. Yesterday I used it in the kitchen to sharpen a pair of scissors: it worked wonderfully!

  6. Ah, Ronnie. Thank you for the hint of spring.

  7. If it was the show in Philly I first attended at age 10 or so. Been there often, love it.

  8. Sounds wonderful.

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