True stories with a twist!

This is a sad bit of news to share with you, but my inside sources reveal to me the possibility that Spring 2018 has been banned.

The Northeast has experienced three Northeasters this month. Unknown-1A fourth one may possibly be peeking behind the clouds to surprise us next week. There are several possible answers for this report: Unknown

  1. Weathermen’s attempts to take more camera time in the spotlight of television news.
  2. Mental health workers’ efforts to increase patient loads by treating those with SAD: Seasonal Affective Deficiency.
  3. Amazon’s drive to force retail stores out of business by destroying sales of spring clothing. They’ve even come up with the slogan “Keep wearing winter. It’s cozy, comfy and cuddly.”

There might be other possible explanations of why the northeast is suffering from our Worst Winter Weather.

Will you writers help us understand: please give us some reasons for our endless winter weather.

Comments on: "IS SPRING BANNED?" (23)

  1. I love it! (Did that work?)

  2. Adrianne Bendich said:

    A good covering of snow will help the sleeping plants make more beautiful flowers in just a few more weeks, or you can come to Florida and not worry about the snow!!! In any case, please keep writing❤

  3. I’m looking out of my window in Northern England at yet more snow and I have more questions than answers???

  4. You are having it rough. Maybe the children like it

  5. Maybe winter is hanging on due to global warming. Whatever the reason, I’m ready to wave a magic wand and make it disappear.

  6. I can’t concentrate on giving you an answer just at the moment Ronnie, trying to keep up with our rising heat this year, as Summer want’s every pound of sweat out of our Body’s, currently 39 and rising, so words like Winter or Spring or Autumn do not register in my fried Brain. Cheers.

  7. I’m so sad for all of you on the east coast. It may be cold here, but at least we aren’t getting snow dumped on us {knock on wood!}

  8. My mom lives in New Hampshire, and I feel bad for her getting hit with all these storms. She needs to get out more. I’ll be driving out there on April 1st, and come April, the light is usually at the end of the tunnel in terms of winter snow. Mother Nature better not play any April Fool’s jokes on me that day!

  9. You know all those times when people said, “When hell freezes over” ? Well, it’s freezing over … Just my theory, but you should buy more long underwear.

  10. I promise you Canada did not do this! Honestly!

  11. The winter weather will stay until everyone admits out loud that they love it. The minute everyone says they love winter it will disappear.

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