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Who doesn’t love the sound of children’s laughter? Or a hearty belly laugh after a good, well told joke? A self-conscious laugh after an embarrassing experience?

What do you think of laughter when it comes from a person saying something and laughing at the same time? Is he laughing at his own jokes?  

It seems to be the latest way of speaking. Have you noticed? Someone will say, “oh it only cost (ha ha) thirty dollars.”

“No: heh heh it’s too cold!’

Do you think that is funny? A great sense of humor gets us through bad

Situations, but that kind of forced laughter is irritating. Can’t you get through a sentence without that annoying (and phony) chuckle?

It reminds me of the origins of the handshake: to show the other person that you are not hiding any weapons in your hand.

And laughing at everything you say shows the listener that you are a person of good humor: you have no bad news to report to them! 

I really never noticed or thought about it until a European woman one asked me: “Why do Americans laugh at everything?” After she said that I noticed that she was right! People can almost cannot speak unless they add a “laugh noise” to their conversation.

Have you noticed?

Comments on: "Laughter is the Best Medicine" (32)

  1. I have a friend who does that ALL THE TIME. I’ve decided it is verbal tick. Which now makes me wonder – do I do it too?

  2. This strikes a personal chord with me. I’m hearing impaired so when a person laughs when they are telling me something it negates any chance of me understanding what they are saying. Or if they whisper it. I think I have alienated more than a few people when I politely tell them that if they laugh or whisper while talking to me, they might as well save their breath, I won’t understand a word.

  3. I hadn’t noticed that. Wow. I’m dodging off to work in my friend’s gift shop today. I will come into contact with literally hundreds of people as high season has begun. I’m going to be a scientist and study. That is, if I remember!!! And now I’m laughing for real! Interesting…Thank You and Cheers!!! 🙂

  4. That kind of laughter seems to be an attempt at covering up a deep seated feeling. Perhaps they aren’t comfortable in the situation or with the people they are with. Or maybe they aren’t happy with themselves and think laughing will make other ‘think’ they are doing well. Just some thoughts.

  5. Yes forced laughter is not humorous at all, Yet a good belly laugh is infectious .. I watched an old show of Morecambe and Wise, an old double act in comedy here in the UK. and laughed my socks off at their silly but witty humour.
    Laughter in the right places is good for the Soul. 🙂 ‘ Smiles’ 🙂

  6. Never noticed it before Ronnie, but now you mention it, I suspect it is a nervous laugh in the hope you will accept what they are saying is correct, much like comedians who laugh at their own jokes to ensure they have the ability to arouse a laugh in their audience.

  7. Forced, or nervous, laughter is one thing; genuinely laughing because you can’t help it is another. The first puts the listener off, the second is infectious. I hate canned laughter on TV shows

  8. Yesss !!
    Sometimes laughing is the best way to process through tough times!! ☺ Great post!!

  9. I’ve not noticed it before, but now that you’ve mentioned it, I probably will. It does sound like something maybe a nervous or self-conscious person might do.

  10. I’ve never noticed this. Now I’m worried I’m someone who does it!

  11. Haha, no I’ve not noticed that. 😉

  12. I think forced laughter is to let the listener know the chuckler means well. Maybe it is also a little jab to remind the listener to listen. Haha. 😄

  13. It’s almost a nervous laugh. People who laugh constantly make me curious. Are they trying to distract me? or maybe hide something?

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