True stories with a twist!

What would it feel like to be under house arrest? To be sentenced to remain confined within your house indefinitely? It has been done before, both in reality and in fiction. A recent true life example is the leader of Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi, images-2

and the fictional hero of the  best selling novel by Amor Towles, A Man in Moscow, Alexander Illyich Rostov.

Being confined to home means to never to have the privilege of dashing out for a quart of milk, a loaf of bread, a gallon of Rocky Fudge ice cream. You’d never have the opportunity to see a neighbor at the produce department, learn about sales prices for the week, or have the pleasure of pushing around a rickety old cart with squeaky wheels turned in opposite directions. 

If you are not free to go to the grocery store, who is supposed to do the shopping? Does the confinement mean that someone else will do all the shopping and the meal preparation? images-5And will they clean up too? And take out the garbage?

Think of all you could accomplish without distractions of any kind: you could pay all your bills in time, address birthday cards to rarely seen nieces and nephews, order unusual items from bizarre catalogues. Buy stuff, look at it, try it on and send it back. Or you could become a record-breaking best selling author, granting interviews from the privacy of your enforced ecosystem. 

You’d have time to try all those recipes you’ve been cutting out of newspapers and magazines all these years. You might even write your own cook book, “Rescued Recipes from A Defunct Life.”

You’d have the time to read as many of those newspapers and magazines as you wished, although being so well informed wouldn’t do you too much good if you were forced to stay home, never having the chance to demonstrate your range of knowledge. There’d be nobody with whom you could debate the important issues of the day.images-4

Does being under house arrest mean you can’t have visitors? Not even a sparring partner to argue points about the information you’ve gathered from all your reading? What about telephones and computers: would you be allowed to use them, or is all communication with outside world out of limits to you? Can you open your door and get a breath of fresh air, shoo the troublesome chipmunks eating your garden, or wave to a neighbor?

Who pays the bills? And where does the money come from? Surely not from the secret slush fund you’ve been hiding. Hopefully nobody has found out about that!

As I ponder this question and all the other question it arouses I must conclude that  until my questions are answered I strongly state that I refuse to be under house arrest. Have their people meet with my people and work it all out.

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  1. Thought provoking blog, keep blogging,nice share…💐

  2. Very thought provoking question Ronnie, makes me think of Julian Assange locked away under Diplomatic immunity, wonder what his life is like behind closed doors, knowing he could leave anytime but leaving himself open to immediate arrest.

  3. What, lose the ability to go out and mingle with all that friendly, polite and generous humanity? To no longer be allowed to park and pay, get my car scratched, dented or clamped? To be denied the deafness induced by screaming children, screaming brakes, screaming drunks? To forfeit the right to jostle in queues, barge on pavements, breather CO2 in unremitting quantities? Oh, no! I can’t face the thought!

  4. I can’t even imagine it no matter what the restrictions. It’s hard for me to stay home for one day even when the roads are covered with snow. Don’t fence me in!

  5. We have an expression for it in the dead of a cold winter – cabin fever. It’s that feeling of restlessness and irritation that starts to build up. Relationships get tested.
    … but worse! Can you imagine being also cut off from the outside world by being denied internet access?! The horror!

    No thanks. I think I’ll try and stay on the straight-and-narrow.

  6. House arrest? Piece of cake. Now if they said no naps, that would get my attention.

    • We’d have to do a “nap-gate” investigation and find out why such an outrageous punishment would be placed on anyone. Does Gina Haspell have anything to do with it: if so she would never have been confirmed as CIA Chief…

  7. Me, I wouldn’t mind it so much. My husband does all the shopping. My job is all online. What would I lose?

    Well, there is that freedom thing.

  8. An awful confinement, Ronnie

  9. Crazy thought, Ronne. I don’t think House Arrest is for me.

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