True stories with a twist!


I close the clasp on the pin that would convert an ordinary sweater IMG_1971.jpeginto an interesting one.

Now I am ready to go to my book club meeting to discuss the classic, “The Good Earth” by Pearl Buck, which our book club chose to discuss at this month’s meeting. Although most of us read the book years ago, we decided to compare our school-aged impressions with our adult ones.

I find the the book to be beautifully written, telling a compelling story, and populated with interesting characters with questionable motivations. I am looking forward to the discussion.

We arrive at our hostess’ house at 2P.M. and greet each other before today’s hostess, our moderator, begins the discussion. Once it begins there will be no small talk: nothing but book talk. But first, before the meeting there is nothing but small talk.

“Hi, Bethany; where in Cape Cod did you stay?”

“Steph, how’s the new grand baby?”

“Nora,what’s going on with your kitchen renovations?”

Then Sandy says to me, “What a pretty pin. Is it new?”


Unknowingly her question, ”Is it new,” touched a hot button.

Why do people ask if something is new as an addendum to a 

compliment? Is it better if it’s new? Does it matter when I bought it? 

Would they like me to verify the purchase date by seeing a copy of 

the sales slip?

Why can’t a compliment stand alone?

If I am introduced to my son’s girlfriend, would I say, “She seems very nice; is she new?”

Or a friend’s hair color. “It’s very becoming; is it new?”

Does anyone ask a middle aged man if “she is new?” when he’s introducing his trophy wife?

So why do they ponder my pin?

I guess I just don’t understand human inquisitiveness. It seems to be a standard question that people ask when admiring something.

When we moved into our new house recently a stream of friends came over to see it. A particularly close friend noticed the new table in our dining room. 

What do suppose she asked?

She said to me, “That’s a beautiful table. Is it old?”

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  1. Big smiles.. My hubby will often ask me if that is new, when I wear something that has been in the wardrobe for ten years or more.. LOL.. I say no, It’s old, but as I am not likely to go anywhere new to wear it, I may as well wear it about the house.. 😉 lol.. ❤

  2. I have a particular friend who always seems to ask the ‘is it new?’ question. It is a peculiar conversational tick. I’ve come to realize that it’s developed into a habitual response she uses to acknowledge that something is different that she’s not seen before.

    • She’s lucky to have you for a friend. As for me, I am probably too judgmental, but get irritated at meaningless questions.
      Will you be my understanding friend?

      • Of course I will 🙂

        However you’ve highlighted an interesting point. We all have quirks – in our behaviour, how we talk, how we approach the world around us.
        For the people we love and care for, these quirks are just that. Foibles that we accept and perhaps even cherish …. and yet in others, not so much. They can grate on our nerves.

  3. Adrianne Bendich said:

    very smart!!!

  4. As a man with a trophy wife for over 50 years, I can honestly say I still enjoy showing her off.

    Liked your post…is it a new one?

  5. You make a very good point! I don’t think I’ve ever paid attention, but I believe you’re right! I do hear the question and it doesn’t make any sense. I’ll really pay attention now! LOL! And I read “The Good Earth” 30 years ago and don’t even remember the story. But for some reason I can recall that it was beautifully written. I may need to revisit it myself. And by the way, i love the pin…whether old or new. 🙂

    • Thanks Debra, about the pin; it is Cinderella in the coach on the was to the ball with Cupid driving the horses. . And the coach door opens to reveal a little watch to remind her to be careful about leaving by midnight!!

  6. I’m happy to say that I am not an expert on trophy wives either!
    Your interpretation is an interesting one, though. I’ll have too ponder that for a while…

  7. I would always take that question to mean “Is that new to you?” So even if the thing is old, it may still be new to you.” Dunno about trophy wives though.😊

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