True stories with a twist!

We were shopping at a grocery store that specializes in selling prepared home made dinners. What a great way to start a weekend: with a full refrigerator of different dinner choices: no need to buy separate ingredients, carry home heavy packages, sort and put them all away. 

My husband Harvey and I don’t have similar food preferences and rarely want to eat the same foods, which makes meal preparation quite a hassle. This store eliminates the necessity of cooking two separate meals every evening while still enjoying a comfortable evening at home. 

The first counter featured a wide array of entrees. These selections included containers of Italian meatballs and stuffed cabbage. Next to it were about six kinds of chicken preparations: Southern Fried Chicken and The Chickens, Murphy, Caccatore, Parmesan, Oreganata and Arroz con Pollo. As we wandered down the aisle, labels of our many choices filled our minds and rumbling stomachs with delightful possibilities.

The first package to make contact with a hungry hand was a serving of Stuffed Cabbage.But in his haste to pull a container of the delectable treat free from the others in the case, my husband inadvertently pushed in the plastic top of the container, causing the sauce to spill over the top. 

It would have been easy to simply leave the damaged, squished container in the  case and select a perfect, sealed replacement in its place. But my girl scout morality caused me to catch the eye of the store employee stocking that case, and confess the mistake of our ways. He simply said, “Give it to me; I’ll fix it.” So I did and he did, and Harvey and I continued on our way.

After a long trek through the aisles, filling our cart as we went along, I decided to visit the rest room before heading back to the car and the long, pot-holed ride home. 

As I opened the swinging door images.jpegleading to the back room where the rest rooms were located, I saw the man who had taken care of our damaged package earlier that morning. He was walking out of the work area with both hands full of more packaged meals to put into the counters. 

I backed up to make room for him to exit the area, and held my side of the swinging door open so he could pass by.

Just then he moved to the other side of the swinging door and kicked it open with his foot. Then he walked back out to the main shopping area without making eye contact with me or showing any recognition of my courteous gesture of holding the door for him.

So, my blogging friends, what do you think? 

Was I insulted?

Comments on: "WAS I INSULTED???" (15)

  1. I don’t think you should be insulted. I don’t think his attitude was anything to do with you to be honest. It to me it just sounds like he was having a bad day. Possibly not liking his life, his job, whatever. Don’t let it fo dent you a minute longer, other than to silently wish him a happier day or life. Thanks for the entertaining read. 😊

  2. Yes, he was on autopilot, probably dreaming of his shift’s impending conclusion, or something completely different? No insult intended, I feel. But then, I’m a male of the species – I understand how we think (or don’t).

    • Is this how wars are started? We all think differently and perceive reality from within our own experiences. You make an excellent point that his mind wasn’t focused on me or my sensitivities. Are you telling me that it’s possible that the guy could possibly have had something other than ME on his mind????

  3. I was expecting a derogatory comment overheard behind the scenes.

    My guess … he was lost in his own la-la land. I have a son who could easily do something like this … oblivious to anyone else around him.

    Your reaction however is EXACTLY how I would feel so yeah, I get it.

    • You are probably right, Joanne. Your son might say that anybody’s hurt feelings were their problem, not the employee’s. And he might be be right. It’s all about my expectations of how I
      am treated, and not so much what is the employees’ way to respond.

      • Although I kind of understand the behaviour, I’m not defending it. If someone works in some form of customer service, they need to be more customer friendly.

  4. If you are like me he didn’t even recognize you. No insult intended, but he could be more attentive to customers.

  5. Back in the 1970s I held a door open for a female staff member. She refused to go through it. I picked her up and carried her through. I didn’t really know how much I was chancing my arm, but I soon learned. Even now we are still good friends

  6. I don’t think it had anything to do with you personally. He was just having a busy day and going about his work in his normal fashion.

  7. Yes and No. It is an insult but his mind may have been on other matters: A sick child, no money for Christmas . . . the list is endless. We can never know what another is dealing with. We can only show our good manners and hope others pass it on.

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