True stories with a twist!


There’s a new plant in the fish tank. 

A very pretty one; called “Apongeton” (uh PUNDG-uh ton). It’s an especially beautiful plant that sways with the movement of the water, caused by the bubbling aerator and the filter. 

But there is a problem. The tank inhabitants are afraid of this new green threat, which they consider the separator of the left and right sides of their home. The fish stay huddled in a trembling group, eyeing the new-comer, Apongeton. They’re not sure what to make of it. If they venture beyond their comfort levels and bravely swim through the plants’ moving branches, will they live to tell the tale of their adventures? Will they survive trying to reach the other side?

And so they sit in limbo, huddled together, waiting for someone else to make the first move. Think of government, sitting, doing nothing, and awaiting orders from the top. 

Finally one fish boldly approaches the plant and treads water, staring it down, testing his position. Nothing happens. He remains unchallenged by the plant barrier. So he takes the next step and swims right through the branches and out to the other side of the tank. “Braveheart” is formally named the Boseman’s Rainbow, and is now the official leader of all members of the Aquatic Community.

The other fish in in the tank remain motionless, still too frightened to take the chance of swimming toward the “Green Monster.” They fear the change in their environment, and are willing to wait out the challenge it imposes. 

Several fish approach the new plant cautiously, still unable to make the decision of what to do.

It’s clear to see two sides forming: the cautious versus the fearless. The fearless flaunt their bravery, swimming back and forth with impunity, scoffing at the timid group, who remain trapped by their own fears: confined to the small space on the “safe” side.

There seems to be a shutdown. Nothing is moving, except for the daring unafraid, few, who take over by assuming all boundaries are limitless. The adventurers have become freer by giving themselves permission to venture away from the fearful ones. By doing so they now have free range of the tank while the others remain ensconced in the small space of a corner, where the plant’s branches can.not reach. 

And so back and forth the adventurers glide gracefully, beating the risks and moving to their own rhythms. Success has its own rewards!

Comments on: "FISH TANK CRISIS" (15)

  1. A great post that just proves if you are struggling with aggression in fish, moving some bits and bobs around soon puts the shivers up them!

  2. wifeblah said:

    i am trying to zoom in your photo 🙂 i love your tank. im a fish tank owner too 🙂

  3. Adrianne Bendich said:

    Excellent! We should learn. from the brave fish and not limit our opportunities to broaden our horizons. Thanks for the timely reminder😊

  4. Fascinating behaviors, Ronnie. Who knew life in a fish tank could be so complex? But then again, who knew that life in a fish tank could imitate human interactions! 🙂

    • After feeling so negative about the fish tanks all these years, because of the enormous amounts of time my husband spends working on them, I finally am beginning to enjoy watching the fish, and am amazed by their behavior.

      • I know aquariums are a lot of work, but I sometimes wish for one, too. We had small ones when my children were young, and I do remember the maintenance. But done well, they are so fascinating. 🙂

  5. Anonymous said:

    BRILLIANT RONNIE!!! Apart from so many inferences, politics and life, it shows how much you and Harvey are in tune. Gaye

  6. jnlmurphy said:

    the BRAVE KNIGHTS providing courage, and determination demonstratethe rewards of penetrating the phantom movement sand trying to join theirbrethren with more inclination towards a risky bent on paint a fascinating study of those who make it to the otherside undamaged and those who never huff and huff and justsit on the sideline and wish they could be like their brethrenyou can place gambles on how many choose life on the far side 

  7. harvey hammer said:

    a wonderful commentary of the adventures in a fish tank. A very apt description of the unfolding events
    PS: overnight the timid fish overcame their timidity and the traffic in and out of the new plant is back to normal

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