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Everybody knows that weather patterns have been changing. It used to be true that beautiful weather was consistently dependable in San Diego, California. It was never too hot or too cold there. And the beaches of La Jolla were always perfect too.images-1

This has been a cold winter in New Jersey. We thought it would be a healthy change to return to the quaint custom of opening the front door without shivering.  

As Mark Twain said,

“Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” But we would do something. We would escape from the northeast to year round sunshine.

But the “Weather-Fixer in the Sky” issued the alarm that “The Hammers are approaching; drop those temperatures and add some rain, Oh, Mighty Weather-Gods!” 

And they did. When we reached the California Shores we discovered that the cold temperatures and rain came along for the ride. 

We had packed lightly for the trip, knowing that California dress codes were casual. So we were able to reach every traveller’s goal: to pack light. All I needed were some T-shirts, a sweater or two, and extra pair of casual pants. That would basically carry me through our vacation. In normal days these choices would have been perfect. But now, in order to venture outdoors, every piece of clothing I packed had to come out of the suitcase and onto my back at one time. Even a pair of woolen gloves that I found in my jacket pocket from that frigid, snowy day we left for the airport were called into action.

Woolen gloves were definitely not what I would expect to pack on my vacation to Southern California. But I will be more clever planning our next trip; I will book us a trip to Antarctica, where it would be a pleasant surprise if the weather pattern were not as cold as tourists would expect. And we will use every bit of subterfuge to avoid detection by that “Weather-Fixer in the Sky.”

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  1. Good for you! I hope nothing more keeps you from doing what you enjoy.

  2. Interesting post on the changing weathers when travelling Ronnie, packing clothes for two climes, much the same here in Australia, fires and drought down south, and floods and cyclones up north.

    • Australia travel sounds like an entirely different and challenging undertaking. When are you going to travel again?

      • Hi Ronnie, lovely to hear from you, hoping you are well, I am currently still recovering from my Hernia operation and having aspirations still done on a weekly basis. Travel adventures are on hold at the moment Ronnie, but hoping to be doing more exploring down South of Chile in the later part of the year, Do hope all is will with you and life is treating you kindly. Kindest regards and best wishes my friend.

  3. Adrianne said:

    Hope you and Harvey consider Florida next year. But maybe bring an umbrella for good luck!

  4. How frustrating; pack for cold and find warm and a plan can be made; vice versa isn’t so easy. On our last visit to UK we packed loads of umbrellas and rain jackets. No rain for all three weeks. Must be something of a record, for there.

    • Despite all the fascinating places people go to visit, what is the most topical subject they discuss? Yup: the weather. But you were right to pack the way you did for going to the UK. Although it’s too bad you had to drag all that stuff around, it must have been a more pleasant trip without all the rain.

  5. I’m so sorry the weather gods played tricks this year, Ronnie. I have lived in Southern California my entire life, and even was in La Jolla in January with a beautiful sunny day, but overall, this has been the coldest season in my memory! It’s thrown us all off, as we don’t own clothes for such cold. I hope you still had a good time. I’m heading back to La Jolla later this month, and I’m hoping it’s warmed up by then. LOL!

    • By the end of the month I’ll bet everything is back to normal in La Jolla. If not you can browse in Warwick’s, as we did many a day, and grab lunch at Cody’s (did you know they’e moving?). There’s always something to do there: the Salk institute, Scripps, walking the beautiful campus of the University. Have a wonderful trip back.

      • We go to San Diego pretty regularly, but my favorite district is La Jolla. This next time I’m going specifically for the sea lions and their pups. It’s my March pilgrimage. LOL! Hope you, too, can return some time when the skies are little friendlier. 🙂

        • Going back to La Jolla is always a treat, and has been the winter get-away for four years. We love the ocean walks, visiting Scripps and the Salk Instututes. Beautiful place, although this time I was painfully aware of the erosion that is beginning to take its toll.

  6. The weather always seems to be a surprise anymore, even here at home in Ohio. You never know what to expect each day. But spring is just around the corner and we should all be warmer soon.

  7. The fireplace is lit here on the MD’s Eastern Shore, the wife is watching “Hallmark”, I catch up with electronic friendships, snug as a bug in a rug. No cross country airfare, spring is right around the corner, or so they say.

  8. I have been to San Diego just once for ten days. This was back in the mid-nineties. Weather was hot. By the time we left, I was looking forward to getting home just to see a cloud again!

  9. I never feel like I pack properly but have learned with my frequent trips south — always pack gloves, hat and squishy down jacket or vest. Layers! A big scarf is good too for the freezing air plane.

    • Excellent advice. I remember many years ago cousins from Haifa visited us. I noticed that she wore the same dress every time we went out. Now I understand that she was a sophisticated traveller who understood the value of packing lightly, while I was more involved in style.

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