True stories with a twist!

I feel completely in control and of sound mind.  I know I am perfectly safe when I put my head into a lion’s mouth. Similar to the kind of feeling of control that people feel when they free fall from the sky.

Airplanes are mechanical. They have no feelings when they toss people out into space. 

Lions are living creatures and do have feelings. They are territorial. They mark their ground and will challenge anyone crossing the line. Some might think I’m putting my life in danger when I place my trust in the kindness of a wild beast. But I believe I could safely put my head into a lion’s mouth. Why would a lion hurt me when I mean it no harm?images-1

Being involved in this challenge won’t be the first time people have doubted the beliefs of others. They all laughed when Christopher Columbus said the world was round. That assumption is elementary compared to putting your head into a lion’s mouth.

Unknown.jpegCan you remember the days when people doubted the safety of jumping out of airplanes? Jumping from planes is now a sport; maybe it will be an Olympic sport soon. We call the sport “Skydiving,” and it is every bit as safe as putting your head into a lion’s mouth. Lion’s mouth’s don’t require equipment, which can be troublesome: all you need is the good, warm support  and cooperation of the lion.

Unfortunately, in skydiving does require equipment. It is possible that equipment will not operate properly. Circumstances change; sometimes rip cords don’t open when they are pulled. How many airborne soldiers never made it to the ground because parachutes malfunctioned?

A skydiver or two is killed occasionally while jumping out of an airplane.

Sometimes the landing field is overshot and the diver is blown far afield.

Broken bones and other injuries are not uncommon due to bumpy landings. 

But now and then it can be safe to jump out of a moving airplane.

Aside from the possibility of getting killed or crippled for no good reason, they tell me that skydiving can be good, clean fun, exciting and challenging.

But so can putting your head into a lion’s mouth.

Comments on: "SKYDIVING FUN AND GAMES or How to Be Entertained and NOT Lose Your Head" (15)

  1. DAVID LERMAN said:

    I feel the same way!

  2. So who is going to be writing this blog next week, and where should I send the flowers?

  3. Well maybe I can do that, but only for 3 seconds. 🙂

  4. I think I’ll opt for the lion, Ronnie. I’ve jumped from an airplane !!! 😸

  5. I don’t even enjoy being IN an airplane, so jumping from one is out of the question. I am not a good adventurer, so being too close to a big cat won’t do either! You mention control…I think I have a need for a lot of that. 🙂

  6. If you ever do it may you live to tell the tail

  7. That is hilarious, Bev. Since I had an MRI recently I can understand your reference!

  8. What lion have you encountered recently? Reminds me of being swallowed by an MRI.

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