True stories with a twist!

IMG_1810This elongated squirrel is the first view of what was going on at the bird feeder. “Those blasted squirrels,” he shouted; “They won’t get away with this.” I won’t go through another frustrating season watching those blasted squirrels steal the seed I bought for the birds.”

And so the battle began in the privacy of our back yard.

Man, armed with a newly sharpened pair of hedge sheers approaches the foot path  leading to access of the bird feeder.

IMG_1815Surveying the scene, he decides to sacrifice a few branches of the landscaper designed, perfectly manicured shrubbery serving as access for the squirrels to the feeder they lust after. He begins to mercilessly chop away at the previously wellIMG_1817 tended plants.

Reviewing the effect of his pruning job, he realizes that there still exist ways that can be used as jumping off points leading directly to the bird feeder. So he chops some more.

I cannot bear to show any further proof of the decimation of the backyard landscape. Take my word, though; the garden will no longer require landscape design, unless man is prepared to completely redesign the yard starting with the planting of seedlings.

The fully grown plants that used to exist in that area would be far too expensive to replace. And the squirrels have discovered their incredibly amazing ability to jump huge distances from nearby trees right onto their coveted bird feeder.

You can’t fool Mother Nature.



Comments on: "MAN vs.SQUIRREL: Spring is Here" (23)

  1. Man and Nature against the humble Squirrel, had to smile with the image of man’s pruning attempts to overcome the problem, alas an on going confrontation I think Ronnie.

  2. Ouch, Ronnie! Kind of painful to see trees and shrubbery butchered, I know firsthand! The squirrels can’t be stopped from our feeders either, although believe me, we’ve tried it all! I guess they have to eat, too. I was at my son’s house in Oakland this past week and I used to stand at the windows and show my 19-month old grandson how the squirrels jumped from bush to fence to tree and made their way around the grounds. It was one of our favorite pastimes, but their neighbors took out much of the shrubbery and a tree or two and the squirrel highway has been disrupted. I was so disappointed. I presume the squirrels were also!

    • Your grandson must have thought the squirrel game was hilarious! Too bad the neighbors took down their playground. As for the squirrels, I’m sure they will find other means of entertainment involving the theft of bird seed.

  3. I’ve recently done some research on the Delmarva Fox Squirrel after two recent sightings at a home I’m babysitting for. The ones I’ve seen are very light in color and have a pure white tail. I’ve also learned that a group of squirrels is called a dray. That should be good for a Jeopardy question.

    I’ve mentioned previously, do not afford them entry to thy home. Happy Easter!

  4. We squirrels live for the day when more people intentionally feed us rather than those annoying birds…

  5. Creatures of nature have that great ability to find food wherever it is available. If you have any cherry trees or berry bushes, the birds will even find a way to get under the netting for a treat. It’s a real challenge to keep creatures of nature under control.

  6. Nobody seems to be able to outsmart those critters…

  7. I tell you, this is the story of our lives too. 🙂 they are are harassing our birdfeeder and eating all those bird seeds. 🙂

  8. There is no creature like a determined squirrel. 😡 I’ve fought that battle too often!!! ☹

  9. Baffles on top of the feeders help keep squirrels away a bit. Also a thin pole– they slip right off. We have a constant battle too.

  10. LOL! Your newly acquired squirrel proof landscape design is great. We not only have marauding squirrels but bears who decimate the feeders. I stopped feeding last year after Bruno hit the deck.

  11. Adrianne Bendich said:

    Come to Florida – many of the same birds that are in Morristown, but there are just wimpy squirrels, and beautiful water fowl too!!

  12. Yes, unfortunately it is a losing battle. But it does make for great posts! Sorry about the trees.

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