True stories with a twist!


We are just a heartbeat away from June. June, Moon, Spoon.

Brides, Grooms, Weddings.

And shortly after the weddings come the anniversaries. The endless numbers of anniversaries. How to celebrate?

So many ways.

Some people buy a couple of airline tickets and whisk themselves off to an exciting trip to Europe. This is done in the name of and excuse for an anniversary celebration.

Others mark the occasion with dinner for two out in a special restaurant.

Some celebrate with family. Those who choose this option gain the advantage of having dinner while hearing about the goings on of family members.

In the task of finding unusual and special ways to celebrate an anniversary it is easy to lose sight of the purpose of the celebration.

I think it’s about the love you feel for each other. It’s about remembering problems you have shared together and how you supported and helped each other through difficult times. And being grateful for the good times.

I’m not one to feel that we have to make the most lavish, grand and expensive plans. I never compare what one person has vs. another. No keeping up with the Jones’ for me.

But still, I wonder what my husband has planned for our upcoming anniversary. He is full of surprises and comes up with some wonderful ideas. Please join in the quest for a special way to share. We’d love to hear about them.

And Happy Anniversary to all those June Brides and Grooms!

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  1. jnlmurphy said:

    Ronnie, YOU are among the very lucky ladies to have a husband who scratcheshis head and comes up with a masterful way that will tickle your heart.some of us have the Love of our Lives who is very Dear but notgifted with the necessary imagination.  So, it is almost deceptive howwe help him without him knowing that we are planting ideas gently, sohe doesn’t feel unequipped on that special day and time my husband arranged for a OPEN horse and carriage to strollaround Sussex County.  It was VERY dear of him, yet, i felt ondisplay and being gushed at.  i had to tuck my enbarassnebt undermy arm and never let him know how foolish i felt.  Best thing inmy case, is to plan something in advance, thereby never causehim to be disappointed by my reaction.He has been the LOVE OF MY LIFE and I never, never wantto hurt him

  2. Best wishes for a beautiful anniversary Ronnie, you are still married which is a good sign your husband will shower you with flowers and gifts and possibly a great celebration, and a dance down memory lane

  3. Helen R. Carey said:

    Happy Anniversary, Ronnie and Harvey. You always have such great adventures. Can’t wait to hear about the next one.

  4. Happy Anniversary, Ronnie! We’ve been hooked on the show Grace and Frankie (do you watch?) — a Netflix series and entertaining yet meaningful exploration into the complexities of relationships. It has made me appreciate my marriage that much more! 🙂 I hope you and Harvey find a special way to celebrate your special anniversary (which for Chris and me could be as simple as a nice dinner and watching our favorite series together). 🙂

    • We love your idea; the celebration just has to be a special one for you and Chris. You don’t need to impress anybody else. We, too, have decided on the idea of dinner at a special restaurant and home to watch a movie that we never have time to see.

      We just returned from a weekend in Ithaca, New York to experience the graduation from Cornell University of our grandson, Matthew. That celebration will be enough joy for a while!

  5. Markus J. said:


  6. I can only remember November as the month we tied the knot. As I grow older, please don’t make it something I forgot.

    “Hey Honey, what’s the password to the computer”? “It’s our anniversary date dear”. “Damn”, Now how do I check my e-mail”?

  7. My, O, my! Big, big congrats! What a lovely sight to behold, you two. Since hubby is full of surprises, I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

    Here, some of us try to recapture the day of their “traditional” wedding (wearing native attire, going back to the woman’s country home with friends and family, and stuff). It’s fun and exciting.

    How are you, Ronnie?

    • Uzo, what a lovely 😊 surprise! How are things in your home 🏠? What are you doing now?

      • Aw, thanks for asking. Just the struggles of life taking me here and there. That is, changing jobs. I was into the transport biz (cab service) for a while but now have turned my sights to computers and I am currently working on an online biz project. I’ve missed you, and your blog posts a great deal!

        • Thanks for your answer, Uzo. If you can establish yourself in a computer generated business your future should be secure. The main problem is that technology changes so quickly, and you have to keep up with the new developments in order to stay current. My son works with computers and is always studying new programs. Good luck!

  8. Happy Anniversary!! 🙂 I am looking forward to his surprise for you. 🙂 My last wedding anniversary was this April. Both of us totally forgot about it. What I did is I picked up an extra overtime shift in the hospital because I forgot about it, then he drove me to work. Then after 3 hours my Mom texted me happy anniversary, and OMG that’s the only time we remembered about it. So that’s how we

  9. Our problem is not what to do on our anniversary, it is which date to choose. We first married in 1968, spent almost 40 years apart, and remarried in 2017

  10. Harvey hammer said:

    You are just as sweet as ever

  11. Happy Anniversary!
    We’ll be biking in Sonoma in early June for our 37th!

  12. I just attended a 67th Wedding Anniversary for community members. There were two other couples there who had been married for 70 years. Their ability to make it through all those years is remarkable as we know every life has some bumps along the way. Happy Anniversary to all those who still enjoy their spouses.

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