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UnknownImpatient. Anxious. Concerned.

All those feelings make waiting more stressful that waiting needs to be. Waiting is simply the passage of time, isn’t it?

Yes, but there are different kinds of waiting. Waiting for a red light light to change is something we all have to do once we leave the house and go somewhere else. Any time there’s a corner to cross there’s usually a light that must change. Does that kind of waiting cause you much stress? Not unless you’re in a rush to get somewhere, and interpret the red light as blocking your destination.

Waiting for final exams or college acceptance letters is another kind of waiting. Perhaps that waiting is a step higher on the stress scale. Going to the right school has a huge impact on the direction your life takes: the education you receive and the friends and connections you make.images

Waiting can also be a happy anticipation: for example, finding out the sex of a baby!

But the worst kind of waiting is waiting for a call from the doctor’s office revealing the results of important lab results. That waiting is interspersed with fear, dread and foreboding. Waiting for lab results feels endless. Every time the phone rings, blood pressure soars to unhealthy levels. That is an unfortunate result of stress.Unknown

Waiting by itself, without even being given the reasons to worry about, can be dangerous to your health. So I wish you good health, good luck, and may all your test results be good ones.


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  1. Oh, I hope you aten’t waiting for test results. I agree that waiting is the worst.

  2. Jane Sturgeon said:

    Healing thoughts for you, Ronnie. Sorry I am late getting to this post. Xx

  3. Lisa Tognola said:

    Wishing you good health and good wishes!

  4. Sending thoughts that the waiting results will be good news. Sending Love and well wishes Ronnie 💜

  5. This is very true. One feels we spend half our lives waiting for something to happen. The most beautiful kind of waiting is for the arrival of a newborn child.

  6. So true, Ronnie! I can wait rather patiently for almost anything except something related to a medical question. I don’t do very well in that area. I repeat the wishes of others that all your waiting be tied to good health and happiness!

  7. I seriously do not believe that people have to be kept waiting for test results. They could be done quickly if they wished. The stress causes even more problems. I do hope your results were worth the wait. I always look forward to your posts.

    • Bev, I look forward to your posts too; long may we both write our respective blogs. There are some tests that require time for results to show themselves, but most can and should be read immediately. That’s what medical labs should aim for!

  8. OMG. Perfect post. I have been enraged all week because they have not posted my blood work from a week ago on my online patient portal. I tried to call but they just put me to voicemail. No one calls back. This is a matter of monitoring cancer. This is life and death immediacy. I’ll see the doctor at 7:45 AM this morning and tell him about it and to give his staff a good thrashing. The anxiety of waiting has put me on edge all week.

    • What abominable treatment those pretending to work in the health care business have given you; there is no excuse for their indifference to your needs. Good luck with today’s doctor’s appointment. I sincerely hope that you were given some good news.

  9. Hope your waiting is filled with good things and there is something positive at the end.

  10. Wishing you the best of results and health.

  11. May I add my good wishes

  12. I wish you the most favorable results and the best of health, dear Ronnie!

  13. and yours, Ronnie.

  14. I too wish you much good luck and health Ronnie! And stressfree waiting! ❤

  15. said:

    I tried to post this but it doesn’t show.  Must be doing something wrong. We should all copy your paragraph on test results and send it to our doctors.

    • Your response did show, Gaye. What a clever idea: letting doctors know how stressful waiting for test results can be. Especially the thoughtless ones who call on Friday afternoon with news that “Something is abnormal. but check it it on Monday morning.” Then you have the entire weekend to question and wonder.

  16. I wish you good health and good luck too, Ronnie!

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