True stories with a twist!

The recent news report that President Trump wants to buy the island of Greenland gave me a great idea. He is an endless source of original ideas; not many people think the way he does. In fact he often surprises us with his thoughts.

But his offer was immediately rebuffed, with Greenland insistingly claiming that their island was absolutely not for sale.

Where did Trump get the idea that Greenland was for sale to the United States?

Certainly not through private, secret, inside information. Never would I make any accusations about our president, an outstanding businessman, he tells us, being in any way involved in insider trading. Everyone knows that insider trading is illegal. Many infamous stock traders got themselves into deep trouble, making buy and sell decisions based on insider trading. Of course Trump would never be part of anything illegal such as that!

So it must be that his information source came up with the wrong information. Was the research the work of one of the young, inexperienced winners of his former television show, “The Apprentice?” Perhaps one of those employees who, like many other Trump staff employees, were subsequently fired?

I admire creative thinkers; employees with new ideas. It must be very brave to present an untried idea to our president and run the risk of being tweeted into oblivion.

So the embarrassing offer to buy Greenland, which is clearly not now or has ever for sale, gave me an idea to boost my own investment portfolio.


I am working out the minute details of my plan, which is to put in an offer in to buy one of the Hawaiian Islands. I don’t expect too much; just one of the smaller islands. It couldn’t have much strategic significance to our defense plans, so it couldn’t mean terribly much to the government. And the sound of young children, like my grandchildren and their friends, giggling and laughing, romping through the waves, would greatly boost the morales of any military staff within earshot. Once in a while I might even invite them over to my little island for a neighborly barbecue.

So I have great enthusiasm and high hopes that President Donald Trump will agree to my unusual request and agree to sell me one of the tiny, insignificant Hawaiian Islands.

I don’t think it would be too expensive, do you?

Comments on: "GIVE ME THAT ISLAND" (25)

  1. DAVID LERMAN said:

    hi, hope you are having a beautiful summer….let’s have the next book club meeting on your island. Rather than meeting on the beach or in the foilage, let’s find a lovely hotel with a gorgeous view.  See you soon…, M

  2. I’d go for it, Ronnie. Perhaps he’ll take an I.O.U. That seems to work well for everything else based on our national debt.

  3. It would not hurt to put in that offer! I would prefer a tropical island over a cold one.

  4. hahaha Good plan! Oh, and as someone who does not live in the US and has no plans to visit for a few years, may I postulate this: he is not a creative thinker, he is a cretinous thinker.

  5. Not at all! I would expect it to cost considerably less than the $1.83 billion tag someone put on Greenland, and I’m surprised Denmark is so reluctant to sell. The Greenlanders don’t like them, Lego isn’t doing so well and after Brexit, when the UK stops buying Danish bacon, they’ll frankly be strapped for cash. We were anticipating (hoping) they’d melt down that pathetic mermaid for the bronze, but maybe $1.83 million would make that unnecessary.

  6. Great idea, especially if I too get an invitation!,😉

    • Bev, that is the kindest thing you could say to me; I always thought my job on this earth was to cheer people up and make them smile! Your grandson’s desire to be king of his own island is a sweet dream. What did he wind up doing?

  7. Your posts always make me smile. This brought to mind my grandson’s desire as a teenager to buy an island somewhere and be the King of the Island. He’s always been a take-charge kind of guy. Good luck on finding your special island.

    • Bev, that is the kindest thing you could say to me; I always thought my job on this earth was to cheer people up and make them smile! Your grandson’s desire to be king of his own island is a sweet dream. What did he wind up doing?
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  8. Jerry Warshaw said:

    I personally think we should buy Canada.
    It would be very cool to own some Canadians.

  9. Won’t cost too much. good luck with this, Ronnie.

  10. Thank you, Andrew, for your very wise economic opinion. I hope this means that you are finished with your book tour so you can stay on hand to help me and all the other bloggers who need your help.

  11. The chef Cheeto, might consider selling you a National Park, monument, or part of a National forest or a island off Maine. No need to go all the way to the Pacific. Perhaps there’s an empty missile silo that you could turn into a great swimming pool… My advice is to broaden your thinking here.

    I mean he likes to make deals and a few dollars might just get you something nice that he doesn’t understand the value of …

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