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A New Shop

Grocer shopping can be deadly dull. So predictable. So ordinary. So uninspiring.

Sometimes it’s fun to shop at a new grocery store: one in which you’ve never been. Perhaps a shop in a new neighborhood; one you discover while taking a different route home. A new store will probably carry items that are unusual  from the ones you’re used to seeing back in your neighborhood. Different brands, different ethnic foods, different prepared meals.

So on my way home from the Randolph YMCA, famished from my workout in their warm water pool (temperature a theraputic 91 degrees) I pulled off Route 10, into the driveway of Stop and Shop. I walked inside and immediately got lost. The layout was completely different from Kings’ Supermarket, my neighborhood store. Since I was not in a hurry, an unusual situation for me, I was prepared to browse leisurely and select some unusual foods for dinner that night.

Yes, there were some different sights in Stop and Shop.  I saw the first female fishmonger behind the seafood counter: the first I had ever seen working in a supermarket. She was knowledgeable and helpful about seafood of all kinds. In the prepared foods section I saw huge hot vats of various soups, like broccoli-cheddar, cream of mushroom, and chicken tortilla. In the dairy section I found many more brands of yogurt than I’m accustomed to seeing, most of which were new to me.

Rounding the next corner I received an unexpected and scary shock. It was a moving, very very tall robot-looking machine that seemed to be following me! It was frightening looking, coming out of nowhere and going wherever I was going.IMG_0720I moved to the right, and it moved to the right. It could have been a creature from outer space invading this humble grocery store. I didn’t know what it was, had never seen one before, and didn’t know how to avoid crashing into it with my shopping cart. A woman shopper approached me, paying attention to her shopping list. Her eyes were focused on  tins of nutmeg, curry powder, and bay leaves lined up on the spice shelf at the left side of the aisle.

“Excuse me,” I said, awakening her from her stuporous dreams of spicy dishes resulting from today’s purchases. “Can you please tell me what THAT is? It scared me half to death!”

“Oh, That! It frightened me the first time I saw it too. Nobody warns you to expect to see it or explain what it is. It’s a floor washer. It rolls around and keeps the floors clean. It sweeps up fallen squished vegetables, spilled beverages and whatever else winds up on the floor. It has saved the store from complaints of slippery, dangerous spots, and probably from lawsuits too. And after school, neighborhood children like to come in and chase it around the aisles! It does make quite the first impression, doesn’t it?”

So my sightseeing venture to a new store turned out to be a lesson in technology and ingenuity. IMG_0721.jpeg

As I recall the experience and try to remember what I bought at “Robot Buddy Store” to prepare for dinner that night, I think that I was so upset by the experience of practically being kidnapped and taken off to a neighboring planet, that we ordered Carry-out dinners that night. Next time I run out of milk, bread or any other staples I will hop down to the safety and predictability of Kings. Why take the chance of being assaulted by robots, new fangled floor washers or children chasing mechanical monsters through the aisles of the supermarket?

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  1. Now that has to be a great experience, by the look of that Robot it could dust the top shelves at the same time, great innovative idea I think.
    Best wishes for a great Christmas Ronnie.

    • Many thanks for your clever way of getting the most for the dollar by having the robot multitask. The Robot was certainly tall enough to reach the top shelves, so you’e right; why not let him “do double duty?” Merry Christmas to you, Ian.

  2. Adrianne Bendich said:

    Thanks for the head’s up. I have not seen this robot in our stores in FL yet. But we do have a neato that vacuumes our floors snd I love it!

  3. Clean up on aisle 3! It certainly would have been an experience. I guess robots are coming!

  4. Big Brother is definitely watching you, Ronnie. And you thought is was only in novels.

  5. Holy Hell! That would have startled me too! If never heard of such a thing. Who knows if this concept will take off or not.

  6. That’s pretty cool. I haven’t seen one.

  7. You’re going to have to move to the modern age, Ronnie. It’s going to be filled with robots.

    • Bev, you sound like a person who has had many such encounters, so I will listen to your wise voice of reason. Can you give me a hint about where else I might meet one of these mechanical mighty men?

      • I’ve not had a lot of experience but know that in the future they will be part of our lives. Right now Amazon uses robots to gather orders from the shelves in their storerooms and drones to deliver them. There are self-driven cars (robotically controlled) in major cities. Why I’ve even heard that McDonald’s expects many of their employees to be replaced by robots in the next ten years. I just find this all so interesting.

  8. There is nothing like being cornered by a floor washing robot. Sheesh, at least if it were a doctor robot it might make sense. Fun post Ronnie.

  9. We live in a scary futuristic world of A.I. it’s slowly taking over. With lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners robot human looking females. Scary!!.
    Enjoy Christmas 💖

    • Many thanks, Sue. I hope you enjoy Christmas too! Do you suppose that A.I. has plans to disrupt future holidays?

      • I’m certain they have serious plans, bit it’s up to us whether we allow them to disrupt us. After all we are the ones who are creating them, it’s how much intention and attention we give them,
        For what we think we create, and if we want Terminator to manifest in its horrific future reality, then we will get just that.
        AI sits uncomfortably with me, despite its many benefits of its uses, it’s the one percent of the unscrupulous people we need to be on guard against. It’s scary how in the last 100 years we have progressed technologically. One only has to see Alexia, voice controlled, ear listening device’s in people’s homes to see how easy information about our habits can be gathered.
        Enough said 😊 as I believe in the 51% of good in people to tip the balance eventually. 😁
        Have a lovely holiday Ronnie, 💚💕🎅🎄🎁💖 love Sue

  10. Wow! That was like a visit to another world!

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